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The Caucasus section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library covers online resources dealing with the following countries and regions: ARMENIA * AZERBAIJAN * CHECHNYA * GEORGIA

Caspian Crossroads: A Quarterly on Caspian Region (US-Azerbaijan Council, US)
[The latest developments in the region, incl. politics, geo-politics, business, economics, law, history and culture. The Council is committed to present information within a framework of objectivity Published since Winter 1995]
Caucasus Context – online journal (, US)
Caucasus Context is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary journal focused on regional integration and cooperation between the three South Caucasus republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The journal will offer in-depth analyses and commentaries on issues pertinent to the region, including perspectives from individuals in the media, government, civil society and academia. We welcome guest opinions, articles, and contributions.
The Caucasus Foundation – Kafkas Vakfi (The Caucasus Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey)
[About Foundation; [News] Agency Caucasus; Caucasus Today; Analysis; Diaspora; Culture; History; Portraits Remembered; Library; Documents; Music; PhotoArchive; Discussion Platform; Chat Room; Links. A site with a strong anti-Russian profile. It publishes in English, Russian, Arabic and Turkish and has a very useful news section]
Caucasian Regional Studies Journal (Vrije U., Belgium)
E-quarterly of the Intl. Assoc. for Caucasian Regional Studies dealing with “collective security, inter-state relations, ethnic conflicts, democratization, civil society and economics” of Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, North Caucasian part of Russia). This is the first journal in the English and Russian languages exclusively devoted to the affairs of the Caucasus.]
Caucasus – The End of All the Earth (, US?)
[Links to: Abkhazia (which is trying to break away from Georgia – Abkhazian Homepage, Abkhazian Factsheeet); Armenia; Azerbaijan; Chechnya; Georgia, Misc. Caucasian Links (Ethnic Map of Caucasus, Caucasian Languages, Contested Borders in the Caucasus, Khazaria Info Center) North Caucasus areas (Daghestan, Pyatigorsk, North Ossetia)]
Caucasus and Karachay-Balkar people (, US?)
[CV and List of Articles by Dr.Ufuk Tavkul; Wide range of notes on a variety of antropological, ethnic identity and liguistics topics: A bi-lingual site (TR, EN). Unfortunately, the published notes do not provide references to data or research literature – ed.]]
Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst online journal
[The Analyst (launched in Nov 1999 at the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, The Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC., US) provides a rigorous, concise and nonpartisan forum where specialists can assess issues and events in the Central Asia-Caucasus region for a broad audience of business people, journalists, policy makers, government officials, diplomats and academics.]
Central Eurasia Project (Open Society Institute, US)
[The site covers Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Contents: Latest News (updated every day), Media, Human Rights, Involvement of the United States, United Nations and other international bodies, Doing Business, Analytical Articles, Suggested Reading, and many links to other resources]
Contested Borders in the Caucasus (Vrije U., Belgium)
[An on-line book covering the ethnic conflicts in the Caucasus over Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Ingushetia, and the policies of the OSCE, the UN, Russia, Iran and Turkey in the Caucasus region]
International Institute for Caspian Studies (IICS) (Tehran, Iran)
[A non governmental research and consultancy institute (est. 1998) based in Tehran and aimed at promoting and undertaking scholarly studies regarding political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and legal issues of the Caspian region.]
Japan-NIS Cooperation Committee Home Page (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan)
[Cooperation Committe is an international organization, based on an agreement among governments of Japan and 12 New Independent States (Former Soviet Union). It describes Japan’s official assistance to NIS mainly through the Cooperation Committee in three languages, Russian(koi8), English and Japanese]
Articles from the French newspaper “Le Monde Diplomatique”
Caucase (, France)
Local Times in the Near and Middle East (,Australia)
Northern Caucasus, Russia (Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido U, Japan)
[Rostov Region; Krasnodar; Stavropol Krai; Dagestan; North Osetiya – Alaniya; Ingushetia; Adygheya; Karachay-Cherkessiya; Kabardino-Balkariya]
Russian & East European Studies – WWW VL (U.Pittsburgh,US)
[REESWeb – Russian & East European Studies: Resources by Discipline, Resources by Type, National Homepages, Major Sites and Archives of Information, WWW Servers in the Former Soviet Union, New Items, Related WWW VL Sites]
Transcaucaus Home Page (U. Frankfurt, Germany)
[A collection of links to Transcaucasus-related sites in the WWW, some useful links to Intl Organisations (NGOs as well as GOs), Peace and Conflict Research-Institutes, Elections, News(groups), Job openings, etc, and, finally, a collection of articles by V.Jacoby.]
West Asia History Archives (,US)
[Covers government & other official documents dealing with: West Asia in General, Turkey, Israel and Palestine, Arabic states, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan]
see also
OMRI Daily Digest (, Czech Republic)
see also
Turkish World home page (Research Centre for Turkestan and Azerbaijan (SOTA), Netherlands)
see also
Middle East Studies – WWW Virtual Library (Columbia,US)
[About this VL; Bibliographies on Middle East; Libraries with strong Middle East collections; Middle East Resources – Regional and by Country; Middle East Resources by Subject (Ancient and Medieval History, Biographical Information, Food, Languages, Literatures, Minorities, Music, Political Violence, Religion [Christianity, Druze Faith, Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, other religions in the ME], Water, Weather, Women) Directories; Encyclopaedia of the Orient (CiAS); Electronic Journals and Newspapers on the Middle East; Graphics and Images on Islam and Middle East; Publishers and Bookstores on Middle East Studies]

Status: Republic Capital: Yerevan
Armenia WWW Virtual Library (Arminco, Armenia)
[A site by Samvel Stepanian, est. 14 Oct 96, no longer in existence]

Status: Republic Capital: Baku
Azerbaijan WWW VL (U.Sth California, US)
[maintained since 5 Mar 1997 by: Adil T. Baguirov (]
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Checheno-Ingush Republic, Chechen Republic-Ichkeria (Chechnya)
Status: Autonomous Republic of Russian Federation Capital: Grozny
The Chechen HomeLand (,US)
[Resources about Chechnya and Caucasus wars]
Chechen Info. File (ANU,Australia)
[16Kb document, Jan 1995, ‘Who Are The Chechen ?’ by Johanna Nichols (]
Chechen Republic (Russia) – Detailed Maps (CIA & U.Texas,US)
Chechen Republic Online (,???)
[Russia – Chechnya War; Images of Chechnya; People of Chechnya; Maps of the Chechen Republic; News Archives; Articles about Chechnya; Audio-Video Files] (, UK)
[We’re a nonprofit, non-governmental project and we provide the web’s most comprehensive independent resource for Chechnya-related news, analysis, culture, chat, business, events, meetings and much more. Now with the web’s biggest links section!]
Informational, Cultural and Economic Representation of Chechen Republic Ichkeria in Finland
[News from Finland-based pro-Caucasian groups and associations]
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Status: Republic Capital: Tbilisi
Link to
Georgia WWW VL (U. of Tennessee, US)
[maintained since 19 Feb 1998 till May 2005 by: David Zlotchenko (zlotchen–at–]
[A site no longer maintained. Archival copy is used instead.]

Georgia & South Caucasus (
[Politik, Kultur, Geschichte, Wirtschaft, Internet und andere Aspekte ueber den Sued-Kaukasus – vor allem georgien // politic, culture, history, economy, internet and another aspects about south-caucasus – above all georgia // [A blog] posted by Ralph Haelbig ]

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