Georgia News Digest 08-24-07
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1. Superpowers should not get offended
2. No Georgian deportation campaign under way – Russian migration service official
3. Trainload of Russian property to be sent from Georgia to Armenia
4. Another Russian intrusion
5. Moscow denies another airspace violation of Georgia
6. Russian general calls Georgia’s air incident claims “hallucinations”
7. Separatist leader denies Georgian claim of new airspace violation by Russia
8. Reports on Georgia receiving information from NATO radars-bluff
9. Georgia and NATO aim for speedy radar link
10. Russia and NATO compete for influence
11. Georgia-NATO radar integration nearing completion
12. OSCE chases the rocket
13. OSCE chief to visit Moscow for Georgia incident talks
14. Missile meant for radar station, report suggests
15. Georgian official, pundits dismiss Russian experts’ opinion on missile incident
16. Georgian envoy to UN asks for international help to “curb Russian attacks”
17. Georgian official, pundits dismiss Russian experts’ opinion on missile incident
18. Russians express official indignation over report
19. Georgian paper on separatists’ meeting with Russian regional leader
20. Abkhazians looking for Kosovo’s recognition
21. Abkhazia claims Georgia overflights
22. Sokhumi says unmanned plane spies in Kodori
23. Bagapsh: Georgia undermines Russia’s peacekeeping role
24. Abkhaz separatist leader attends military exercises in lower Kodori
25. Abkhaz leader meets Muslim representatives over imam’s murder
26. Bagapsh vows killing of Muslim cleric will be resolved
27. Abkhazia claims booming electronic communications market
28. De-facto Abkhaz authorities address international organizations to assist in preventing epidemic of hog cholera
29. Additional funding for S. Ossetian provisional administration
30. Either Kokoity or Sanakoev, there is no third way
31. Kokoity’s funny comments and how Russian experts found Swiss watches where the missile fell
32. Farewell railway ?!
33. Iranian energy resources – business or politics?
34. Under the Georgian sun: solar energy, part 2
35. Next session of Georgian government will be held
36. Lomaia: no chance of an Armenian-language university in Samstke-Javakheti
37. Davit Kirkitadze, Mikheil Machavariani, Nodar Grigalashvili visiting Samtskhe-Javakheti region
38. Another protest rally to be held by Parliament
39. Health insurance vouchers shouldn’t be PR tools
40. Why insurance companies fight for vouchers
41. Vocational education – retraining the unemployed in Georgia’s transitional economy
42. Banks invest in an educated generation
43. All animals are equal
44. Sony Center offers delicate truce to Economic Development Ministry
45. We still won’t die, so they’ll try to suffocate us with toxins
46. Rally demands moving Telavi military training grounds
47. Salome Zourabichvili blasts officials for evicting Union of Writers
48. Single mother leaves 3-year-old daughter in Gurjaani Prosecutor’s Office as sign of protest
49. Hail storm damages crops, vineyards in Kakheti
50. Money transfers from abroad soared by 60%
51. Georgian National Airlines launches new Tbilisi-Batumi-Tbilisi flight
52. The Battle of Stalingrad
53. Spy tales, part 2
54. Discover the glacial lakes of Lagodekhi

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