Georgia News Digest 08-23-07
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1. Tbilisi wants Putin-Saakashvili talks
2. NATO may share radar data with Georgia
3. Georgia claims Russian jets violate airspace
4. Georgia says Russia violates airspace, Russia denies
5. Russia violates airspace over Kodori – Tbilisi claims
6. Russian fighter jets did not fly near Georgian borders on Tuesday
7. Russia-Georgia: “Missilegate”
8. video: Russia-Georgia missile row: Sides stand firm
9. OSCE envoy to Moscow to get info on Georgia missile incident
10. Moscow trying to ascertain goal of OSCE official’s visit
11. Remarks by Vitaly Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the U.N.;
12. Georgia aims to discredit Russia over bomb incident – envoy to UN
13. Georgian minister dismisses Russian UN envoy’s remark on missile incident
14. Georgian official slams Russian diplomat’s missile incident remarks
15. Georgia calls for international response
16. Russia won’t admit guilt in missile incident because it is a concerned party – Bakradze
17. Tbilisi can prove Russia violated its airspace – defense ministry
18. Georgian official calls for Russia’s cooperation in missile probe
19. Georgian deputy foreign minister: Russia continues traditions of Soviet insolent diplomacy
20. Russian Deputy Minister briefs EU envoy on missile incident
21. Tbilisi’s accusations against Moscow in Aug 6 incident attempt to discredit peacekeepers – Bagapsh
22. Russian official accuses US Embassy in Georgia of irresponsibility
23. Kosovo: a dangerous experiment
24. The price of rest
25. Abkhazia accuses Georgia in bioterrorism
26. Georgian, Abkhaz, Russian officials to meet over pig disease
27. Separatists block up conditional border
28. Georgian daily on “steadily growing” number of Armenians in Abkhazia
29. Monument to Great Patriotic War soldiers dismantled, but they promise to restore it
30. Report on monument to WWII warriors’ destruction denied
31. US Embassy is accused by Teimuraz Mamsurov for being inadequate
32. Government and opposition on the cusp of new political season
33. Zurab Noghaideli has represented details of visiting regions to the Cabinet of Ministers
34. Premier calls upon government to promote attraction of investments to regions
35. Project “Equal Possibilities Development in Sphere of Tourism” to be implemented in Georgia
36. Mystery investors get Georgian Railway for 99 years
37. Environmental protection agreement signed with Batumi oil terminal
38. IMF approves USD 21.3 million disbursement to Georgia
39. Union of Writers loses office but not resolve
40. Ministry of Justice to move to the building of Ministry of Finance
41. Arveladze: SONY not to acquire any space by means of direct purchase
42. No edifice will be sold to SONY through direct purchase
43. Government is using a practice of selective justice, Labor party says
44. Students who receive loans face risk
45. No plans for university in Akhalkalaki
46. Merger of Gori and Tskhinvali universities
47. Foreign experts visited enforcement department
48. Biometric identity system to be launched in Georgia soon
49. Dispute ended with murder
50. Shida Kartli police has arrested Avtandil Dermakozashvili
51. CNN and CNBC to show trailers about Georgia from September
52. Information service of Caucasia TV restarts broadcasting
53. Caucasus Online to guarantee unlimited internet traffic to providers
54. IDPs to get lodgings in kindergartens
55. Georgian insurers collect 33% more premiums in H1

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