Second Independent Inter-governmental Expert Group (IIEG-2) Report investigating possible violations of Georgian airspace and the recovered missile near Tsitelubani, Georgia, 6 August 2007.
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This report results from investigations undertaken by a group of experts from Estonia, Poland and United Kingdom between 18 and 19 August 2007 of the missile incident near Tsitelubani, Georgia.

The Expert Group
Brigadier General Vello LOEMAA -Former Su-24 (24M) Pilot -Estonian MoD
Lt. Mart MAGI -Radar Expert -Estonian MoD

Major Andrzej WITAK -Su-22 pilot -Air Force Command
Capt. Przemyslaw PULKA -Weapons Engineer -Air Force Academy

United Kingdom
Mr Kim BAKER -Missile Systems Expert -UK MoD.

Executive Summary
The Group agrees with the findings of the IGE report dated 14 Aug 07 and further information will be presented in this report. Georgian airspace was violated three times of 6 Aug 07 from by aircraft flying to from Russian airspace. The last tWO passes were towards the Georgian radar near Gori. The uiissile was launched towards the Gori radar site at a range of approximately 10 km from the radar site. If the target was the radar site, the missile was launched at near minimum range. Immediately after missile launch the radar crew acted defensively and using combat procedures turned the radar transmitter off. The missile impacted on Georgian territory about 5 km short of the r adar site without exploding. The missile was a Russian built Kh-58U anti-radiation, air to surface missile. Examination of Georgian aircraft proved no Georgian capability to operate this missile.
Reports Received This Group read the following reports ofprevious investigations ofthe incident.
1. OSCE Spot Report ‘Tsitelubani missile incident’ dated 8 Aug 07
2. Report ofthe Joint Monitoring Group
3. ‘Special Investigating Commission Report on the incident near village Tsitelubani on 6 Aug 2007’
4. ‘Report from the International Group of Experts (IGE) investigating the possible violations of Georgian airspace and the recovered missile near Tsitelubani Georgia 6 Aug 2001’ dated 14 August 2007

Full Report: IIEG-2 Report.pdf

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