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1. Step by step: Russia’s new visa agreement with the EU is far from perfect [excerpt]
2. Yerevan to open Armenian-Georgian university in Javakheti
3. Over 5,000 deported to Georgia in six months
4. report: Second Independent Inter-Governmental Expert Group on Tsitelitubani
5. European experts conclude probe into missile incident
6. Foreign experts back Georgia’s claim in missile spat with Russia
7. Second group of experts confirms Georgia’s findings on missile incident
8. Another Russian attack on Georgia: Unmistakable evidence
9. Russian Embassy: Independent experts’ report on “missile incident” politically motivated
10. Russian Embassy to Georgia disseminated conclusion of Russian experts on missile incident
11. Russia accuses Georgia of fabricating claims that Russian plane dropped a missile
12. Russia dismisses ‘politically driven’ Georgia missile claims
13. Russia calls missile row with Georgia “deliberate provocation”
14. In missile-gate, Russia tells its side of the story, saying Georgia made it up, and Kodori too
15. Press conference by group of Russian experts on investigation of air incident
16. Georgia claim about Russia rocket incident falls apart – embassy
17. video: Russia calls Georgia missile incident ‘provocation’
18. Georgia-Russia missile row calls for the west to revise its strategy in Eurasia’
19. Georgian, Russian views of air strike are irreconcilable – Georgian official
20. Missile incident won’t affect Putin-Saakashvili meeting plans – Georgian Foreign Minister
21. OSCE envoy visits Georgian missile site, to leave for Moscow for further probe
22. Georgia urges OSCE to hold missile incident discussions in Vienna
23. video: Abkhazian Riviera attracts tourists from Europe

24. Abkhazian imam killed in Gudauta
25. Abkhazia blames Georgia for African swine fever outbreak
26. Baghapsh has a guest
27. S. Ossetian leader visits Abkhazia
28. Kokoity demands Georgian ports be checked
29. Ossetian side opened fire to Achabeti
30. North Ossetia criticizes U.S. proposal on international monitoring in Roki tunnel
31. KazTransGas to invest $18 mln in Tbilisi gas supply system by end of 2008
32. “Georgian Group” sues to “Kaztransgas”
33. Georgian liquefied gas shortage amid shutdown of Baku refinery to be resolved
34. Georgia resumes Russian gas transit to Armenia via reserve pipe
35. Making a pipedream a reality
36. New commission looks at nuclear power plant for Georgia
37. State repossesses disputed buildings
38. People’s Front evicted from office
39. video: Georgian Writers’ Union faces eviction
40. Georgian newspapers evicted “illegally” from Tbilisi hq
41. Finding a piece of Georgia at the dry bridge
42. Street vendors, banned from Dry Bridge, march on City Hall
43. Shoppers fear open-air markets won’t be open much longer
44. Georgian party accuses president’s family of secretly privatizing railways
45. Lado Chipashvili signs memorandum with private insurance companies
46. Consortium Of three companies won 14th stage of open competition on development of hospital sector of Georgia
47. Deciphering the proposed tax cut
48. International Monetary Fund allocated sixth tranche to Georgia
49. The Government Of Georgia to fix in autumn new program of cooperation with IMF
50. Georgia: Finding its place in the global economy
51. Georgian business is threatened
52. Uneven progress in countering financial crime in the South Caucasus
53. Farmers fearful of fattening grapes as administration anticipates action
54. Wine tourism: A wide open market
55. Mastering tourism
56. Georgia seeks again to attract tourists
57. Selling Stalin
58. First life sentence for woman handed down in Georgia
59. Meskhetian Turks ask international donors for financial support
60. American congressman looks at reforms in Georgia
61. Trees fall, tempers rise on Rustaveli Avenue
62. New civil radar station ups coverage in western Georgia
63. Trial of Igor Giorgadze’s promoters to be restarted with the defence speech of layers
64. Forged high school diploma for USD 1600
65. Three-storey building ruins in Tbilisi
66. Gori and Tskhinvali State Universities to be united
67. Ugulava satisfied with reconstruction works conducted in sport palace

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