Georgia News Digest 08-21-07
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1. book: The South Caucasus at the Crossroads. Conflicts, Caspian Oil and Great Power Politics by Elkhan Nuriyev
2. journal: Georgian Economic Trends
3. report: Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Political Developments and Implications for U.S. Interests
4. OSCE not plan to set up another commission over Aug 6 incident
5. Envoy of OSCE chairman-in-office in Georgia over air incident
6. Russian experts have been shown the door
7. Russian experts say evidence against Tbilisi in missile investigation
8. Russia disappointed with U.S. over Georgia missile
9. Quotes from Russian press
10. Wasn’t us, Russian delegation claims. Tbilisi needs to show the world it was
11. Georgia and Russia – doomed to conflict
12. US didn’t think before backing Georgia: Russia
13. Abkhazia launches large-scale maneuvers
14. Abkhazia begins maneuvers in North Caucasus
15. Separatists force ethnic Georgians to work
16. Abkhazia denies ex-official implicated in attempt on premier’s life
17. Georgia denies planning “march” on South Ossetian separatist capital
18. Anti-Kokoity campaign takes its message deep into the conflict zone
19. US call for international monitoring of Roki Tunnel is ‘absurd’, says Moscow
20. Georgian pundit on recent bombing incident, alleged political infighting
21. While transferring railway on lease Georgia “loses all economic levers” – Salome Zurabishvili
22. “Georgian Railway” purchased by President’s family?
23. Government decrees to hand over railway
24. At least USD 2 bln needed for Georgian railway, investors say
25. State leases Georgian Railway management rights to British company
26. Liquefied natural gas has become more expensive in Georgia
27. New thermoelectric power station operating with black coal to be constructed in Georgia
28. Two memorandums on intentions signed between the Ministry for Environment and Greenoak Group
29. Gazprom to restore gas supplies to Georgia, Armenia soon
30. Georgia suspends Russian gas transit to Armenia due to pipe repairs
31. Executive department forces periodicals from journalists’ house
32. 24 hours watching goes on in the building of Writers Union
33. Executive Department forces periodicals out from Journalist’s House
34. Vendors of “Mshrali Khidi” to stage protest rally by Tbilisi city hall
35. SONY Center officials arrive in Georgia
36. Police reports detention of opposition
37. MIA releases information about Levan Khaindrava’s detention
38. Trial of Igor Giorgadze’s promoters to be restarted with the defence speech of layers
39. Customs officers arrested for misuse of authority
40. Authorities keep father of police victim under illegal surveillance, opposition says
41. Crime boss murder suspect arrested
42. National Movement launches monitoring of health insurance project for socially defenseless populace
43. Ministry of Culture to explore unique church
44. National Movement starts monitoring over health insurance program
45. Chestnuts to appear on Rustaveli
46. Wine tasting and market raiding as state tries to polish wine industry’s image
47. Injured discharged from hospitals
48. Republic of Georgia: A small country with big charm

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