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1. When assessing events, Washington increasingly frequently passes off what is desired for reality [excerpt]
2. Today’s Munich
3. At the UN, Georgian Missile Plot Thickens, With Friends Like These…
4. Georgia aims missile at UN and steps up efforts to get South Ossetia back
5. Georgia Insists on Security Council debate on missile incident
6. UN Security Council to discuss Georgia Russia missile incident
7. Irakli Alasania meets with Ban Ki-moon
8. Russia blocks U.N. statement on Georgia
9. audio: Russian Ambassador: Too soon for UN to respond to Georgian allegations
10. Russian ambassador criticizes Georgia’s address to UN secretary-general
11. Report appears to confirm that Russian jet entered Georgia
12. Expert report on missile drop in Georgia leaves unanswered questions
13. Panel hints at Russian involvement in fallen missile in Georgia
14. Lithuania prepared to lend assistance to Georgia in future as well
15. Missile strike: ten questions for Georgia’s version of events
16. Russia sends radar records and experts for missile probe
17. Russian experts arrive in Georgia to probe into air strike
18. Russia, Georgia experts to visit Gori area at missile fall site
19. Russia, Georgia exchange Aug 6 missile incident control data
20. Russia to hand over radar records for night of Georgia missile incident
21. RF officials arrive in Georgia to discuss “rocket incident”
22. Lavrov: Tbilisi uses missile incident for propaganda
23. Russian foreign minister accuses Georgia of “political propaganda”
24. Russian FM urges Tbilisi to wait for rocket row probe results
25. Georgia has no proof of Russia part in missile incident
26. Tbilisi says Russian airspace violation possibly part of exercise
27. Georgian minister attacks Russia for “lying” about missile incident
28. Abkhazia needs to see that Georgia is not laying claim to its territory
29. European experts to visit Georgian breakaway region to review projects
30. Envoy says Georgian Abkhaz settlement impossible without Russia
31. U.S. follows a careful policy in the South Ossetia region
32. Russia awards Ossetians, angers Georgia
33. What’s in a name? Tbilisi protests Kremlin references to ‘Republic of South Ossetia’
34. Georgian-backed leader ready to assist separatist government in conflict zone
35. South Ossetia says passenger bus stopped by Georgian police at “illegal” post
36. Land mines detected on Akhalkalaki military base
37. Georgia discovers radioactive substance at former Russian base
38. Radioactive materials found at vacated Russian military base in Georgia
39. Commission to assess construction of nuclear reactor
40. Nuclear power station is planned to be created in Georgia
41. Another agreement was signed between China and Georgia
42. Britain to manage Georgian railways for 89 years
43. Georgia hands over railway to investment fund
44. ‘Serious companies’ bid for Poti port – minister says
45. Don’t play with fire when it comes to natural gas supplies
46. Foreign investments boom in Georgia
47. Wissol Petroleum Georgia launches first service station in Sachkhere, Western Georgia.
48. Export wine to be tested for the first time
49. Evicted Kavkasia TV turns down offer of state aid
50. Ministry of Economic Development to privatize building of Writers Union
51. Union of Writers warned to empty office until 18 August
52. NGOs to make Avchala Colony administration accept some responsibility
53. Nestan Kirtadze foresees government’s “dismissal” in autumn
54. All Bazrobas to be abolished in Tbilisi
55. Georgian Association of Young Lawyers accused administration of the Second Isolator of Rustavi for violating the law
56. Ruling party pledges to assist poor families

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