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1. Georgian state secretary: Drawing parallels between Kosovo and conflicts in South Caucasus is ungrounded
2. Georgian minister warns against “manipulation” of Kosovo case
3. Little chance left of a Putin-Saakashvili meeting this summer
4. Georgia, Russia Nearing Consensus on Kosovo
5. Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway construction to begin with ceremony in Tbilisi 20 Sep
6. Tbilisi natural gas distributor announces overtures towards Iranian producers
7. seminar: Georgia: problems and prospect
8. Georgia is “unpredictable neighbor” for Armenia
9. Russia, Georgia retarget the missile
10. Unjustly accusing Russia
11. Report from the International Group of Experts investigating the possible violations of Georgian airspace
12. Experts from Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and USA started investigating incident in Georgian air space
13. Int’l experts say plane came from Russia
14. Experts invited by Georgia say plane from Russia
15. The crater left behind is not big enough for a 700-kilogram ‘missile’
16. Georgia offers Russia cooperation in missile strike probe
17. Georgian TV links missile incident to air force exercises in southern Russia
18. Russian experts to take part in missile attack probe with Georgia
19. Russia will participate in investigation of incident in Georgia
20. Russia to send experts to probe into missile incident
21. Russia ready to share radar data
22. Russian experts to take part in probe of Georgia bomb incident
23. Tbilisi, Sukhumi mark 15 years since start of Abkhaz war
24. Georgian-backed Abkhaz authorities mark 15th anniversary of start of conflict
25. Anniversary of war a day of remembrance, reminder of challenges ahead
26. SOS-Save Abkhazia
27. Chechen role in the 1992-3 Georgian-Abkhazian war
28. Abkhaz leader delivers speech marking anniversary of start of war with Georgia
29. Bagapsh urges Abkhazians to unite in defending independence
30. Sergay Baghabsh: Our aim is to achieve independence of Abkhazia
31. Largely negative reaction to UN report on Abkhazia
32. Tourists flocking to Akhali Atoni monastery and Ritsa Lake in Abkhazia
33. Large-scale exercises will be conducted in Abkhazia
34. Russian missile hit table of South Ossetian settlement talks
35. Putin decree to decorate S. Ossetians angers Georgia
36. Putin awards Ossetian culture workers
37. Tbilisi angered over wording of Putin’s decree
38. Georgia objects to wording of Putin’s decree awarding South Ossetians
39. Is Boris Chochiyev to Be Arrested?
40. There is a confrontation between Kokoity and Chochiev
41. Senior Georgian MP responses to Russian foreign minister’s remarks on Ossetia
42. Lavrov’s remark on Ossetia “incomprehensible” – Georgian official
43. Repair works launched on Kekhvi-Tamarasheni water pipeline
44. From Gori to Kurta…
45. Tskhinvali warns against ‘peace march’
46. Prisoner woman, who is ill with tuberculosis, has her imprisonment term prolonged on the ground of provocation
47. “Heat” in prison-serving a term in the queue to lavatory
48. Riot at juvenile prison sends 13 to the hospital
49. Elene Tevdoradze will visit Avchala Prison today
50. President Saakashvili’s letter to Mr Davit Akubardia, founder of the Kavkasia TV company
51. Opposition TV rejects state funding to lease office
52. Caucasia TV rejects compensation offered by government
53. Georgian government offers to cover rent payments for evicted TV station
54. Georgian TV refuses to accept aid from president
55. Jondi Baghaturia: Tbilisi government plans to sell supermarkets
56. IDPs forced out from hotel in Telavi
57. In the expectation of internal re-displacement
58. Public concerned about property rights violations
59. One hundred Georgian servicemen will be sent to study at foreign military schools in 2007
60. NATO Information Centre stages event in Batumi
61. Expensive life
62. Khiladzes expect compensation for destroyed house in vain
63. There is a problem regarding interpreter at Batumi court
64. People from “Mecxre Ubani” will remain without school
65. Tutorial councils of Gori based schools will have problems
66. “Terrorist act did not happen near you”-families living close to Gori police station are being persuaded
67. Insurance vouchers fraud flushed out
68. City hall to select kindergarten directors
69. Consortium of four companies won 13th stage of open competition on development of hospital sector of Georgia
70. Georgian wines to be presented to Latvian consumers

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