Project “Re_Beat” in Germany – soon !!!
14. September 2007

Band Members (pdf)

Sandro Nikoladze – Keyboard, Flute, Voice – ( Group Soft Eject Flute, Project “Assa Party” Flute, Electro acoustic band “Two Side Live” Flute, Group “Moveing Theatre band” Flute, Electro acoustic band “Faces and Places” Flute)

Guram Makalatia “Goofy”Acoustic and Electro Drums – (Group “Shuki Movida” Drum, Group “Outsider” Drum, Group The Young Georgian Lolitaz Drum, Group Green Room Drum, Electro acoustic band “Two Side Live” Drum, Group “Moveing Theatre band” DoubleDrum, Electro acoustic band “Faces and Places” Drum)

Nika CereteliKeyboard, Electro set, Turn table, Scratch – ( DJ, Resident of “Ajara Music Hall” 2000-2001, Resident and manager of club “Lift 011” 2001 – 2003; Projects – Group “Afternoon version” Keyboard, “Anidan – Hoemde” Album, Group “Plaksa” Keyboard and Music author, Electro acoustic band “Two Side Live” Keyboard, Electro set, Electro acoustic band “Faces and Places” Keyboard, Electro set. )

Giorgi Gobejishvili “Gobeja”bass – (Group “Shuki Movida” Bass, Group “Outsider” Bass, Group “The Young Georgian Lolitaz” Bass)

Zviad Nazgaidze “Ziko”Guitar, Midi. – (Group “Soft Eject”, Electro acoustic band “Two Side Live” Guitar, Group “Moveing Theatre band” Guitar, Electro acoustic band “Faces and Places” Guitar;)

Amiran (Amiko) Ninua “CutKill” – MC – (Group “Kung Fu Junky”, Group “Smoky Mo Piter”, Project “Konstanta”, Project “Dasraw Crew UK Underground”, worked as MC with DJ Black Man Piter, DJ Orbital and so on)

Slide-Show from Re_Beat >>>

Slide-Show (2) >>>

After a long time cooperation and several successful projects (Faces and Places, two side live and ect.) and inspired by Jojo Mayer and his projects “Prohibited Beats” and “Nerve”, Sandro Nikoladze, Nika Cereteli , “Ziko” and “Goofy” added “Gobeja” in their band and made a new project “Re_Beat”.
It’s a mixsture of drum and bass in free stile performing manner. The band appeared on an ,,Ozoni Event’’ (20 May 2007) and attracked attention. After that, they had several performances in Georgian clubs. During perfoming bend members understood that something was missing in their music and added to bend MC “Cutkill”. MC had bring in “Re_Beat” something more energetic. With this membership they got covered ,,Ozoni Gigz Festival’’ on 30th of July. (More: OZONI (music magazine) )
The experience of band members and the membership makes more interesting their work. Mostly some of the details are often changed in compositions and that’s why the concerts of band are different from each other.

Technical rider: Drum set : bass drum, snare, two alts, hi hat, 3 stands for cymbals, guitar and bass combo, two lines for keyboards, 3 mic’s.

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Freitag, 14. September 2007, Puschkin
db session & Kultur Aktiv präsentieren:

Drum’n Bass aus Osteuropa


Brains (Ungarn)

Re_Beat (Georgien)

DJs: MacBeat DT Brav (Subwena, Wroclaw, Pl)

Beginn: 22 Uhr

Eintritt: 8,- Euro




Brains (Ungarn)
Einen Wirbelsturm, gefüllt mit Drum & Bass, Ragga, Dancehall, Dub und Rock, lassen die fünf Herren aus Budapest auf ihr Publikum los. Dieser Sound – Monsterbeats und Mordsbässe, Gitarrenwände und Patwa-Rap – geht in der Tat direkt ins Hirn.

Re_Beat (Georgien)
Kaukasischer Drum’n Bass – Killersound vom Schwarzen Meer. Da muss man nicht viel schreiben: UNBEDINGT ANSCHAUEN !!!!

MacBeat DT Brav
Unter dem Namen Subwena schicken die Drei jeden Dienstag in ihrer eigenen Radiosendung die heißesten D&B-Tune durch den Wroclawer Ether.

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