Georgia News Digest 08-06-07
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1. paper: Relations of Russia and Georgia: Developments and Future Prospects
2. paper: Social and Political Constructions of Nation-Making in Relation to the Georgian Duduki Ensembles
3. paper: Domestic Violence—A Burning Issue in Georgia
4. paper: The Black Sea Region: Meaning and Significance
5. paper: The Threat of the Thief: Who Has Normative Influence in Georgian Society?
6. Meeting with Putin would be a small step forward
7. Georgia Says Russia’s Gazprom Owes It 2m Dollars For Gas Transit
8. Damaged Section Of Gas main Related To Russia To Resume Shortly
9. Tbilisi-Moscow flight talks crash and burn
10. Other 5 Wine Producing Companies Get Right To Import Products In Russia
11. The Caucasus Question
12. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project rolling along
13. Trabzon wants to join Baku-Akhalkalaki-Kars railroad project
14. An Unreasonable U.S. Concern: Armenian-Iranian Cooperation
15. Forget the Facelift, Think Overhaul: Time to Deal With ‘People Problem’ at Heart of Latin America’s Judicial System
16. Abkhaz leader says Kosovo could point way to independence
17. Separatist president see no direct link between Kosovo, Abkhazia
18. Tbilisi urges Abkhazia to drop bellicose rhetoric
19. Abkhazia Wants Role in Preparation for Sochi Olympics
20. Bagapsh: ‘Serious Progress’ in Solving Murder Attempt on PM
21. De facto Abkhaz government plans large-scale military training near Kodori Gorge
22. We will never get used to the loss of Abkhazia
23. Abkhaz Leader Protests At NATO Office In Georgian-Controlled Gorge
24. Tbilisi wants Abkhaz separatists’ “unacceptable” threats condemned
25. Press summary for Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia 17 Jul – 06 Aug 2007
26. Abkhaz Authorities Intend To Sell Georgians’ Apartments At Auction
27. Russia Won’t Swap South Ossetia for Inguri Power Plant
28. Moscow Firm on S. Ossetia Policy
29. Official Moscow categorically denies closuring of a deal with Tbilisi
30. Foreign Ministry Rejects Secret Deal With Russia About Tskhinvali
31. RFM comments about Georgian-South Ossetian conflict’s settlement
32. Georgian check-point comes under fire in South Ossetia
33. Monitoring confirms shooting in South Ossetia
34. Explosion took a place in one of the populated blocks of Tskhinvali
35. Tskhinvali Rejects JCC in Tbilisi
36. Tskhinvali, Tbilisi Spar over ‘Terrorist Plot’
37. ‘Goodbye Kokoity’ Campaign Launched
38. 4 Georgians Detained In Villages Of Low Zone
39. Georgian minister urges South Ossetia to stop “hysteria”, reduce tension
40. Separatists’ terrorism accusations fabrication – pro-Tbilisi Ossetian leader
41. South Ossetian separatist leader says Georgia out to kill him
42. Separatists seek to arouse distrust to Georgians
43. Anti-separatist movement established in Georgia
44. The Public Defender is Against the Discriminative Treatment Towards the Media Representatives
45. Video International Director Considers only 2 Georgian TV Channels Attractive to Potential Investors
46. Expert, Institute of CIS Countries – Government Exerts Pressure on Georgian Media
47. Media screening of documentary on Georgia’s late PM
48. Largest Market Closed Down for Reconstruction
49. Central Supermarket of Tbilisi has already been sold
50. Mamuka Akhvlediani met with the directors of Georgian Supermarkets
51. Tbilisi City Hall under fire for decree on “illegal” properties
52. New rules of parking is imposed in the city
53. Ombudsman slams Batiashvili verdict as “groundless”
54. Opposition Unites to Protest Prison Conditions
55. Opposition Parties Sign Memorandum To Send President
56. Republican Party Blames Authorities For Wrong Interpretation Of Law
57. Conservatives’ new proposal
58. Zod gold mines showdown – Sterlite license in revocation hearing
59. Military trainings to be held on Zemo Nikozi Peacekeeping battalion basis
60. 48 000 Power Consumers In West Georgia Left Without Electricity
61. Around 80 People Try To Cross Overflowing Tergi
62. GCEC, UN Development Program To Sign Joint Memorandum
63. IFAD, World Bank helping Georgian agriculture
64. Socioeconomic inequality in Georgia critical
65. Indifference cut down the forest
66. Government’s vampirism
67. It is a matter of our dignity to investigate Girgvliani’s murdering
68. To youth all roads are open there? Saakashvili knows how to get rid of his most dangerous rival
69. Georgia Rule: A forest of phalli at a Georgian restaurant on the beaches of Sheepshead Bay

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