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1. report: Impact of Russian Sanctions on the Georgian Economy
2. The Putin Jugend: The Kremlin’s teenage shock troops [excerpt]
3. Trial Of Defendants In Student’s Murder Under Noise In St Petersburg
4. Train with Russia military base equipment to depart from Georgia
5. Russian Media Ventures Fund Willing to Purchase TV Channels in Georgia and Kazakhstan
6. Help from abroad: Finding some extra voters in unrecognized republics
7. Nato alarm over arms race in the Caucasus
8. Nino Burdzhanadze: If Russia Involves Abkhazia In The Sochi Olympics, The Boycott Of 1980 Will Be Repeated
9. Alternative Governments of Abkhazia and South Ossetia Will Provoke War in the Caucasus
10. Georgia For The Georgians?
11. Conflict settlement negotiations at a “stalemate,” says Semneby
12. Georgian state minister on priorities, relations with Russia, conflict regions
13. UN myth ends for Georgians?
14. Azerbaijan: Competition for reconstruction of Georgian part of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars starts
15. Azerbaijan negotiating with regional neighbors on shared energy grid
16. South Ossetia says two explosive devices found in region’s capital
17. Explosive Found In Tskhinvali Center
18. Security service prevents terrorist act in South Ossetia
19. Georgian police deny alleged beating to death of Ossetian
20. Georgia peacekeepers to hold demonstration exercise
21. Moscow Mediates to Arrange JCC
22. Tbilisi, Tskhinvali Agree to Jointly Tackle Water Shortage
23. Nine Georgian villages, Tskhinvali left without water supply
24. Kokoiti Leaves Region Without Water Again
25. Abkhazia president expects int’l recognition after Kosovo precedent
26. Kosovo’s fate is certain, and so is ours: An interview with President Sergei Bagapsh of Abkhazia
27. Russia has no plans to engage Abkhazia in Olympic projects –FM
28. Number of Tourists Hit Record High, Sokhumi Claims
29. Tbilisi Lacks Levers to Stop Investment, Abkhaz Officials Say
30. Word Demonstration-What Would You Like to Tell Abkhaz People after 15 Years?
31. Two or Three, sometimes even less, Journalists Work in Abkhazian Newspapers
32. Ministry of Economic Development Calls Upon Media Sources to Make Correction to the Disseminated Information
33. Customs overhaul to bring down costs and corruption, Finance Ministry says
34. “Republicans” accuse government in having deal with judges
35. Republican Party accuses president of bribing judges
36. Georgian Conception demands Ombudsman’s resignation
37. Sozar Subar is accused for being not objective
38. Ex-Director Of Borjomi-Bakuriani Forestry Administration Sentenced To Pre-Trial Detention
39. Bishop Of Borjomi-Bakuriani Serapime To Bless Newly Restored St Serapime’s Church At Borjomi Plateau
40. Elene Tevdoradze Visited Journalist Tamaz Bakuridze in Avchala Colony
41. Conservative Party Leader Speaks of Ties with Okruashvili
42. Gotsiridze goes to Germany
43. Will Gotsiridze stay on as National Bank president?
44. Public opinion: Most acute problems for Georgia
45. New national health care standards from September
46. Georgia Leads With Number Of Botulism Disease In World
47. Chechens from Pankisi Gorge Demand Resettlement to a Third Country
48. Georgian Minister on Refugees and Settling Calls Mashati Turks not Hurry to Visit Historical Lands
49. Cinema Theater To Be Constructed In Marneuli
50. Some Events Organized By “Nationals” To Be Held In Marneuli
51. Why Do Tourists Pay Seven Lari More for a Museum Ticket in Gori?
52. 245 houses being built in Georgia
53. video: Georgia’s first female taxi driver finds success
54. Part of Tbilisi hippodrome to be allocated for construction works
55. Hippodrome To Move To Lisi Lake In September
56. Teachers, Children’s Parents Object To Cancellation Of Tbilisi Kindergarten N146
57. Vendors Protest Against Decision On Possible Selling Of “Dezertirebi” Market And Installation Of Cashboxes
58. Eberle visits ‘other’ Georgia

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