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1. report: Governance Matters 2007
2. No Progress on Russia WTO Talks
3. Georgian minister says no “special efforts justified” to regain Russian market
4. Russia comments about wine import’s restoration
5. Top Georgian threatens olympic boycott
6. Kazakhstanis apologize to Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
7. Konstantin Zatulin: “There exists a group of countries ready to recognize PMR”
8. Sides in frozen conflicts ‘need to talk’
9. Tbilisi Warns Against Buying Assets in Breakaway Regions
10. Vilnius conference illustrates disconnect in conflict resolution attitudes
11. South Ossetia Power Struggle Simmers On
12. “Right Opposition” Reckons That Application Of Term “South Ossetia” Is Remnant Of Soviet Era
13. Russia’s Positive Role can Resolve S. Ossetia in Months – Burjanadze
14. South Ossetia commission convenes in the conflict zone
15. Georgian opposition criticizes commission working on South Ossetia’s status
16. Georgia invites Russia to take part in talks on South Ossetia’s status
17. ASF outbreak in conflict zone
18. Ossetian beaten in Georgian village dies at hospital
19. Zurab Noghaideli: We’ll Work On Settlement Of Conflicts With Redoubled Energy
20. Abkhaz Leader Speaks of Sanakoev, Kosovo Case
21. Separatist leader’s media aide says investors safe in Abkhazia
22. Sergey Baghapsh will not meet Mikheil Saakashvili
23. Abkhazia leader says no talks with Georgia without preconditions
24. TV-Radio Broadcasting in Abkhazia
25. Giorgi Arveladze: “Internet service providers are deceiving consumers!”
26. Reply of the Press and Information Department concerning the Internet Governance in Georgia
27. Opposition politicians hopeful on election reform after meeting with US official
28. Salome Zurabishvili will announce her candidacy at the presidential elections
29. ‘Conservatives’ are demanding to investigate the diversion which took place in Hazelnut Processing Plant
30. Conservative Party of Georgia accuses Zaza Gorozia of criminal activities
31. “Conservative Party” Blames Samegrelo Headship For Pressure On Private Enterpriser Engaged In Nut Businessmen
32. Cabinet Session To Be Held In State Chancellery
33. High-Profile Murder Jail Term Cut
34. Punishment Mitigated To Convicts Of Sandro Girvliani’s Murder
35. Jimsher Enukidze: Authorities Won’t Be Forgiven For Protection Of Sandro Girgvliani’s Murderers
36. Kukava Assesses Judgment Of Supreme Court Of Georgia On Girgvliani’s Case As Cynical
37. David Meskhishvili: “The water is clean and not dangerous in Adjara!”
38. Batumi Sakrebulo establishes restrictions on noise
39. Government carries on TSU’s reorganization
40. Autonomy To Be Granted To Sokhumi University, Akhalkalaki And Akhaltsikhe Branches Of TSU
41. Reform of kindergartens in Tbilisi
42. 51 Kindergartens To Be Closed In Tbilisi
43. Border Guards Rescued Estonian Alpinists
44. Estonian alpinist has been taken to Kutaisi Intervention Medical Centre
45. Registration for IDPs in Tbilisi nearly complete
46. Economic analyst mocks Bendukidze’s ‘Bendunomika’
47. Young Lawyers Promise Land Owners to Protect Their Rights
48. Population Of Mestia District To Get Free Medicines
49. Tbilisi Mayor Awards Gel 1000 To 16 Best Yardmen
50. HSBC gets banking license for Georgia
51. Modern Trade Center To Be Built On Place Of Tbilisi Central Department Store
52. Tbilisi central supermarket sold
53. Hilton may Develop Hotel Network in Georgia – Minister Says
54. Presentation Of Inventory Project Of Tourist Infrastructure To Be Held
55. Bread prices up after poor global wheat harvest
56. Analysts predict meat imports will rise, eclipse domestic production

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