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1. journal: Georgian Law Review: Special Edition 2007
2. Saakshvili’s Big British Adventure: Keeping Georgia on the Radar
3. Blair and Saakashvili hail cooperation
4. Soros Says Revolutions Don’t Build Democracies [excerpt]
5. Outburst by Russian PM Draws Official Response from Merabishvili
6. Putin proposes moratorium on CFE treaty
7. Georgia hits back at Russian statement
8. Putin takes the gloves off
9. Russian Armed Forces (external) [excerpt]
10. The Russian Flag As A Black Symbol: One More Traitor and Agent of Moscow has been Found in Tbilisi
11. The NATO bogeyman
12. NATO to supply Azerbaijan and Georgia with new technical equipment
13. Shevardnadze unable to attend Yeltsin’s funeral
14. Georgian delegation attends Yeltsin’s funeral
15. Yeltsin a man of complexities, contradictions
16. Gela Bezhuashvili to leave for Brussels
17. Roman Gotsiridze leaves for Kazakhstan
18. report: Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia: Security Issues and Implications for U.S. Interests
19. Chief of Coordination Council of BTK railway project appointed
20. Railway chiefs of OCR countries to confer in Tbilisi
21. Georgia joins Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism
22. Russian MFA condemns ‘puppet authorities’
23. Georgian students will possibly be released after Davit Sigua is released – Sergey Shamba
24. Abkhaz side obliges Georgian student to change their nationality
25. video: Abkhazia Rulezz: Sukhumi II
26. Majority MP appeals to Natelashvili to release students detained in Gali
27. Illegitimate Police Units: Georgia accuses Abkhazia of preparing an intervention
28. No incidents with peacekeepers in Abkhazia over past day
29. Student Detentions in Abkhazia: In Expectation of a Sukhumi Trial
30. Baghapsh’s Mysterious Hospitalization Spawns Abkhaz Power Struggle
31. Saakashvili Restores South Ossetia In Soviet Borders: Provisional administration is promised representation
32. Saakashvili Proposes Restoring South Ossetia’s Soviet Borders
33. National Forum reject recent porters actions
34. Sanitary Code postponement angers opposition
35. Horse-drawn carriage to appear in Tbilisi this summer
36. Tbilisi works out 10 year economic development strategy
37. Chinese Embassy in Tbilisi tried to build itself a wall
38. Rike Falls to the Bulldozer in Controversial New Privatization Flurry
39. Labour Party targets City Hall
40. Preaching the Verdict: President’s Lack of Restraint Neutralizes Judicial Function
41. Georgian opposition ends hunger strike, readies for mass protests
42. Zakareishvili Brouhaha Sows Apple of Discord
43. Court drops one of Batiashvili’s charges
44. Ombudsman and Refugee minister trade barbs
45. Parliamentary hearings on high-profile murders to be held
46. President Saakashvili will not get accustomed to Okruashvili as an opposition
47. Jondi Baghaturia – “The administration hits all of us!”
48. Opposition demand to name their man to head audit agency
49. Public Defender: State Funding for New Regional Mass Media Creates Serious Problems to Active Newspapers
50. Seminar Held for Kvemo Kartli TV Staff
51. Giorgi Arveladze: Georgian Government to Implement Tourist Infrastructure Development in two Tourist Regions
52. MCG and EBRD to provide 24 hour water supply to Kutaisi
53. Car ownership increases in Georgia
54. Police official accused of taking bribe
55. Georgian gold may trigger Russian infighting: Russian miners are manoeuvring to bid for Caucasian gold assets
56. Georgia to build contract military after 2009 – defense official
57. U.S., Georgian Inventors Develop Microelectromechanical Structures Device Fabrication Method
58. The Immigration Challenge [excerpt]
59. A more human ‘Animal Farm’

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