Georgia News Digest 07-27-07
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1. WTO Envoy Hails Progress in Geneva
2. Georgia may prevent RF accession to WTO – Burdzhanadze
3. US Congressman slams Putin of its policy
4. Russian Public-Orthodox TV Channel to Broadcast in Georgia
5. Another Echelon Laden With Hardware Of Russian Military Base Leaves Batumi
6. One Caucasus Is All Right, But Two Is One Too Many: A parade of sovereignties is the last thing the Kremlin wants
7. Georgian ambassador in Lithuania: There are no frozen conflicts in Caucasus
8. “It Is More Apt to Speak of ‘Management’ than of ‘Resolution’ of the Conflicts in the South Caucasus”
9. Russia Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Visits Azerbaijan
10. Azerbaijan to Sell More Natural Gas to Georgia for Winter
11. Georgia Fifth Largest Azerbaijani Trade Partner
12. Armenian and Georgian foreign ministers discuss agenda of bilateral relations
13. Armenian Foreign Minister To Have Holiday In Batumi
14. Georgia sees no parallels between Kosovo, Abkhazia
15. Abkhaz Foreign Ministry: One should abandon stereotypes
16. Abkhazia’s Olympic Triumph: Russia to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the unrecognized republic
17. Abkhaz partaking in Sochi project is political speculations – Tbilisi
18. Georgia warns Russia against involving Abkhazia in preparations for 2014 Sochi Olympics
19. Georgian officials slam Russian plans to involve Abkhazia in Sochi Olympic zone
20. At the UN, Russia and Georgia Tussle on Abkhazia, So Close to Sochi But So Far
21. Tbilisi Wants Probe into Kodori Attack to be Continued
22. State Minister Criticizes UN Abkhaz Report
23. Georgian pundits differ on UN report on Abkhazia conflict
24. Georgia demands that Russia cooperate with Kodori Gorge incident group
25. Russia hindered UN probe of gorge attack – Georgia
26. UN Abkhazia Report Draws Praise and Fire
27. Ministers attend solemn activities in Upper Abkhazia
28. Officials Visit Kodori
29. NATO Information Center Opened In Zemo Abkhazia
30. Shamba Statement Caused By Heat
31. Pro-Tbilisi Abkhaz official denies rotation of Georgian troops illegal
32. Abkhazian Government-in-Exile to Distribute Wheelchairs to Disabled in Kutaisi, Zugdidi
33. An Ossetian Island In Eastern Georgia
34. OSCE Special Envoy assesses conflict resolution process during visit to Georgia
35. OSCE official says Tbilisi-backed South Ossetian administration dangerous
36. S Ossetia warns intrl organisations against contacts with Tbilisi
37. Russia Likely to Ignore S. Ossetia Status Commission
38. Envoy doubts Russian participation in defining status of Georgia’s South Ossetia
39. Separatists refuse to work in Georgia’s “stupid” commission on South Ossetia
40. South Ossetian Status Commission Begins Its Work
41. No South Ossetian Status Without Russian Role
42. Bezhuashvili’s Office Address Russia And EU On Commission For Definition Of South Ossetian Status
43. Minister of Culture arrives in conflict zone
44. S. Ossetian Gas Pipeline Examined
45. Over half of South Ossetia’s budget comes from Russia
46. Vladimir Sanakoev Calls On Ossetian Officials For Direct Dialogue
47. 180 Officers To Undergo BCT Program In Sachkhere Mining Training School
48. Sozar Subari Calls On Defence Ministry For Civil Control
49. Soldiers are kept in poor conditions in guardhouses
50. More Troops, More Important Role In Iraq
51. Ombudsman of Georgia to present 2007 report to Parliament
52. Giorgi Kheviashvili To Meet Refugees, NGOs
53. USAID, UNDP to support civil registry reform in Georgia
54. Researchers Compete for Ministry of Education Funded Grants
55. President Saakashvili attends presentation of newly installed traffic camera system
56. Presidential Administration Reacting to the Appeal Submitted by Shida Kartli Population
57. Zourabichvili Accuses Government of Neglecting Svaneti
58. Psychiatric Hospital to Open in Khoni
59. Opposition Tackles Shrinking Population Through Health Care for Children
60. Capital Vostok Offers “A” Class Apartments to Residents Tabukashvili St.
61. GYLA Award Most Active and Passive Ministries with Diplomas
62. They’d Rather Be in Batumi
63. Teenager faces nine year imprisonment
64. Six years from Sanaia’s murder
65. Debates hold around Tbilisi Hippodrome
66. Capital’s local government to study decree about allocation of land
67. Tbilisi Sea, Lisi And Turtle Lakes Not Polluted
68. Acute Debates Reported Among Hippodrome Owners And Their Opponents

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