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1. The CFE Treaty Moratorium And Its Impact On The Caucasus’ Frozen Conflicts
2. Soviet WWII victory symbols withdrawn from Georgia
3. Citizens of Ukraine and Armenia Detained for Illegal Crossing of Border
4. Turkish Election Results Good for Regional Stability and Cooperation
5. Turkey: Ruling Party’s Victory A Boost To Black Sea Stability?
6. Georgian, Azeri Foreign Ministers Discuss Relations
7. City Administration of Tbilisi Withdraw Representative in Baku
8. Movement “South Ossetian People for Peace” Proposes Live TV Dialogue to Tskhinvali Television
9. Tbilisi invites Tskhinvali to take part in state commission
10. No proposals from Georgia to Moscow on S Ossetia yet-Russia FM
11. Georgia Speeds Up Efforts Toward Conflict Resolution In South Ossetia
12. Georgia wants Russia, EU to participate in defining South Ossetia’s status
13. Georgia’s State Commission On South Ossetia Holds First Sitting
14. OSCE Envoy “Positive” On Georgian Government’s Vision Of South Ossetia Conflict
15. Rustaveli theatre to visit conflict zone
16. Movement To Force South Ossetian Leader To Quit Launched
17. 40 Percent of Russians Believe that Russia Must Recognize Independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia
18. De Facto Government Officials Sign Agreement on Implementation of Tskhinvali–Sokhumi Direct Flights
19. Georgian Official Accuses UN Secretary-General Of Seeking To Appease Russia
20. Under Sukhumi Court Decision Editor is to Deny his Viewpoints about Abkhazian National Bank
21. UN Secretary General Releases Abkhaz–Georgian Conflict Report
22. Abkhaz official accuses Georgia of disregarding UN recommendations
23. State Minister Meets Diplomatic Corps
24. Saakashvili’s ‘Thinking’ Army
25. Ministers Grilled over Use of State Funds for Medical Treatment
26. Industrialist MP May Change Parties in September
27. Head and Engineer of Tsageri Road Department Arrested For Misappropriation
28. Open Letter of 10 Georgian NGO’s to President Saakashvili concerning the “Law on Courts of Georgia”
29. Koba Subeliani: “Dighmis Masivi district will not be destroyed!”
30. Houses Being Destroyed Near Batumi
31. Strategic Document on Millennium Development Elaborated for Capital
32. Residents of disputed house offered new flats
33. One More Private Property Is Being Deconstructed
34. Illegally Evicted Family Lives in Garage
35. Residential Houses of Chakvi Population Will Soon Be Dismantled
36. Learning about avian influenza through theatre and play
37. Adjara Hosts 100 000–150 000 More Tourists Than Usual
38. Poti Port Bid Submission Extended
39. Government Lays Out Plan for Agro-Business Development
40. Germany Invests Another EUR 27 Million in Georgia’s Future
41. All But One of Georgia’s Banks Make the Cut
42. Altered Budget with Similar Plans
43. Books from Kutaisi Remain Homeless
44. 3 Employees of TV Company First Stereo Sentenced to 2-month Pre-trial Detention
45. Public School # 125 Will Be Forfeited to School Optimization
46. Children Fall Sick of Bronchial Asthma in Adjara
47. Who Protects the Rights of Doctors and Patients?
48. Batumi Municipality Discriminates Students
49. Young People Die of Drug-Addiction in Batumi

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