REPORTAGE: about Economy in Armenia, Conflict Resolution in South-Caucasus, the History of Jewish clan of the Caucasus & Rehabilitation of the Meskhetians

An ambitious economic agenda for Armenia: Is the new government up to the task?
Armenia’s newly elected government has unveiled an ambitious economic agenda, which the National Assembly approved on June 21. The government’s program plans for steady economic growth which, according the plan, “will enable Armenia to move to the group of medium-income countries, by the end of 2009.” The term “medium-income countries” is usually used to refer to Eastern European EU member countries. This may appear to be an unrealistic ambit…

“It Is More Apt to Speak of ‘Management’ than of ‘Resolution’ of the Conflicts in the South Caucasus”
By Khatuna TCHANTURIA, doctoral student at the Technical University of Berlin
Interview with Uwe Halbach, researcher for the Russian Federation/CIS department of the German Institute for International Affairs and Security in Berlin (SWP). He is a specialist in the Caucasus and Central Asia….

The lost Jewish clan of the Caucasus
By Michel TENDIL
In the northeast of Azerbaijan, live the last Jews of the Krasnaya Sloboda mountains. For this community, whose origins can be traced back to the ten lost tribes of Israel, opening up to the world is mixed with bitter disillusions. …

Georgia: A New Bill on the Rehabilitation of the Meskhetians under Consideration
Since June 14th, the Georgian press has focused on the topic of the Meskhetians, a population deported from Georgia in 1944 and never rehabilitated. The Georgian Parliament has begun the consideration of one of the most controversial questions, yet …

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