Georgia News Digest 07-25-07
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1. Predictions of Russian War on Georgia Unrealistic
2. Georgian pundit views policy in South Ossetia, relations with Russia, Turkey
3. Georgian, Russian sailors sentenced to preliminary detention
4. Heroin smuggled from Iran to Western Europe via Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland
5. Georgian Side Denies to Hand Over to Azerbaijan the Suspects of Elmar Huseynov’s Murder
6. Bus route between Tskhinvali and Sokhumi to be launched
7. Tbilisi Develops S. Ossetia Status
8. Commission on South Ossetia to hold first meeting today
9. Georgian pundits comment on creation of commission on South Ossetia’s status
10. Georgia seeks EU, Russian aid to Ossetian status definition
11. Tbilisi invites Tskhinvali to take part in state commission
12. Separatist leader confident of South Ossetia’s independence
13. Kazbegi Latest Suitor for South Ossetian Provisional Administration
14. Davit Bakradze Meets Special Representative Of Chairman Of OSCE
15. Dimitri Sanakoev Meets Special Representative Of OSCE Chairman
16. Tskhinvali Marked Mass Media Workers’ Day
17. Russia pours cash into Georgia rebel region
18. South Ossetians Tell Kokoity “Farewell!”
19. Georgia “amazed” at UN secretary general’s report on Abkhazia
20. Sokhumi Hails UN Abkhaz Report
21. Politicians Comment on UN Abkhazia Report
22. Senior Georgian MP shrugs off UN report on Abkhazia conflict
23. Georgian official says youth camp near Abkhazia “part of peace plan”
24. Chechen Officials Visit Sokhumi
25. Separatists block highway
26. Separatists slam Georgia’s Parliament Speaker
27. Georgian TV reports trade in uranium, mercury in separatist Abkhazia
28. Who Will Get Kodor Key?;Deterioration in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict area
29. Traffic Held Up On Enguri Bridge
30. Saakashvili’s Risky Stand
31. Saakashvili Strikes with a Gay Parade in Tbilisi
32. NGO names organization supporting sexual minorities in Georgia
33. “All are Different – All are Equal” Event Planned in Tbilisi by the Council of Europe in the has been Cancelled
34. Outsider political movement threatens with protest rallies
35. Saakashvili says Georgia needs “intellectually strong” military
36. President Saakashvili addresses Georgian officers
37. Salome Zurabishvili: Ganmukhuri Camp Is Alike Reservists’ One
38. Burjanadze Visits Patriot Camp Near Abkhaz Conflict Zone
39. Georgian and British Military Doctors to Train Tasks Characteristic for Combat Actions
40. Anti-Terrorism Conference Slated for Tbilisi
41. MPs go on holiday, leave 262 new or amended laws
42. A New Bill on the Rehabilitation of the Meskhetians under Consideration
43. Saakashvili Says he will Toughen Inmate Pardoning Policy
44. New Rights to tackle demographic problems
45. GYLA names most active, most inactive ministries
46. Salome Zurabishvili: The requirement of Ban Ki-Moon will be like a lesson for Georgia
47. Conservative Party Demands State Assistance for Large Families
48. Round table held at Ombudsman’s office
49. Geo President To Lead Cabinet Session In Gremi
50. Newspaper “Batumelebi” Journalist Thrusted Out of Government Administration Building
51. First Student Forum in Tabakhmela
52. Well-known Georgian Singer and TV Journalist Detained in Connection to Armed Robbery
53. Earthquake rettles in Samtske-Javakheti
54. 173 houses in Chakvi pending demolition
55. Leila Meskhi responds to claims
56. 165 Kilometers of Road Repaired in First Six Months of 2007
57. Tbilisi Court of Appeals Considers Riot Case of Tbilisi Jail No. 5
58. Children Come Down With Bronchial Asthma In Batumi
59. Storm Hits Lagodekhi District
60. Bread Price Shoots Up
61. Gia Kavtaradze, Head Of UN Development Program To Sign New Project
62. Despite progress, Georgia needs more foreign investment – expert
63. Bank of Georgia purchases Cascade Bank
64. Koduas’ Mother is Largest Shareholder of Pirimze JSC
65. Finance Ministry’s New ‘Gold List’
66. Fitch Upgrades Ratings for Four Georgian Banks

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