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1. Russia denies banning sale of books by Georgian authors
2. A Goodwill Visa
3. Russia no longer Georgia’s biggest trade partner, statistics show
4. Russia to Supply Electricity to Georgia Via Azerbaijan
5. Recognizing separatist regimes in Georgia “suicide” for Russia – ex-minister
6. Russia “extremely serious player” in resolution of conflicts – Georgian minister
7. report: Georgia Towards Euro-Atlantic Integration

65th Rose-Roth Seminar In Tbilisi, 19-21 April, 2007
report at:

8. Post-Soviet Area Conflicts To Be Discussed In Lithuania
9. ILO, OSCE Launch New Anti-Trafficking Project in Armenia, Azerbaijan
10. Goodbye Kokoity’ Campaign
11. Sanakoyev: Most Ossetians Support Broad Autonomy
12. Georgia seeks to involve pro-Tbilisi leader in talks – South Ossetia
13. Streetball Festival to be Held in Georgian-Ossetian Conflict Zone
14. GEL 500,000 for S. Ossetia SME
15. Ossetian Community Assembly in Conflict Zone
16. Moscow Offers JCC Co-Chairmen to Meet Ahead of Plenary Session
17. Pro-Georgian Ossetian movement launches campaign against separatist leader
18. Pro-Georgian Ossetians holding conference in conflict zone
19. What is admissible for some, must also be admissible for others, a Deputy of Abkhazian Parliament thinks
20. Peacekeepers could increase in Georgia’s South Ossetia – Russian envoy
21. South Ossetia Moves Full Speed Ahead
22. Staying Healthy in Abkhazia: Manual for Russian Tourists
23. UN chief urges closer ties between Georgia, breakaway Abkhazia
24. Georgia accuses Russian peacekeepers of violating their mandate
25. Armed Forces Of Abkhazia Accomplished A Staff War Game
26. Living On Alert
27. book: Conflicts, Forecasts, the International Judiciary and Economic Aspects

28. Speaker visits Patriots’ camp
29. Separatists impose restrictions on food-stuffs
30. Bagapsh is Afraid of Summer
31. De facto Abkhaz Interior Minister Denies Reports of Robbed Russian Tourists
32. Report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Abkhazia, Georgia (S/2007/439)
full report at$File/Full_Report.pdf

33. Georgia’s new “experienced” state minister to fulfil “president’s task”
34. State Minister underlines his priorities
35. Bakradze’s “Significant Experience” Reason for Reshuffle, Saakashvili Says
36. Candidacy of Nino Nakashidze is presented at the Chairman’s post of Committee on Europe Integration
37. Journalists from Samtskhe-Javakheti expressed their concern on prohibition of photo-film-video shooting at trials
38. Patriarch of Whole Georgia responses the pacing action of sexual minority which is planed to be held
39. Students and lectors of the Sport Academy are still holding protest actions
40. Giorgi Gabashvili visited the Sport Hall establishment which is being under constriction in Kutaisi
41. TI Georgia Assists MPs Improve Constituency Responsiveness
42. Georgia Creates Council against Torture – But Overlooks the NGO and Civil Society Sector
43. MPs Comment on the Outcomes of the Spring sessions
44. Saakashvili Speaks of Army
45. Gogi Topadze Begins Election Consultations
46. NATO Information Center to Familiarize Kakheti Residents with the Alliance
47. Another New Passenger Train To Move To Ajara
48. Adlia Customhouse Still In Mess
49. Minister Of Culture, Monument Protection And Sports Of Georgia Arrives In Kutaisi
50. Allied Irish Bank Ponders Georgia Investment
51. 37% Rise in Trade Turnover
52. Georgia’s Total Foreign Debt Stands at USD 3.6 Billion
53. Police Arrested 3 Employees of TV Channel First Stereo
54. Irakli Batiashvili Suffers From Problems Of Backbone
55. Shalva Ramishvili Protests Against Depriving Of Election Rights From Prisoners
56. GYLA to Protect Shalva Ramishvili’s Interests in Constitutional Court
57. Achi Purtseladze Questioned In Mia Tbilisi Head Office
58. Conservative Party Demands Thorough Investigation of Girgvliani case
59. Security Camera Shows Guram Sharadze Murderers
60. Draft Law to Protect Juveniles
61. Starving action has been started at the fifth isolator
62. Representatives of the ‘Equality Institute’ are demanding the murderer of 24 year-old Irakli Pichkhaia to be punished
63. Destruction of a Newly Built Building Evokes Public Protest
64. Nino Burdjanadze: Compensation will be given to lodgers of the destroyed house on the Tabukashvili Street
65. Giorgi Tsagareishvili: Tbilisi City Hall Will Have To Issue Compensations As Private Owners Demand
66. Apartment Building in Central Tbilisi Demolished; Property Rights Again in Question
67. Part Of Dwelling House On Abesadze Alley N3 Collapsed
68. Police arrest suspected robbers
69. Case Of Armed Robbery And Murder On Leselidze Street Opened
70. Some Modebadze Suspected Of Robbery And Murder On Leselidze Street
71. Interior ministry officials not make comments
72. Water Park Offers Way to Beat the Heat—For a Price

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