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1. report: Back to Normal: An Unrealized Nexus? WMD-related Trafficking, Terrorism, and Organized Crime in the Former Soviet Union
Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley Arms Control Today, July/August 2007

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2. report: EU Policy in the South Caucasus: A View from Azerbaijan
Elkhan Nuriyev CEPS Working Document No. 272/July 2007

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3. The Paradoxes of Russia’s Georgia Policy
4. Weekly Experts’ Panel: Russia’s Year in Foreign Policy [excerpt]
5. Temperature Drops in Europe as Russia Nullifies Treaty: Legal issue of the Gudautha base withdrawal is postponed
6. Moscow Refutes Accusation on Prohibition of Sale of Books by Georgian Authors in Russian Bookshops
7. Russian Visas for Georgians Available Again
8. Another Initiative to Help Georgia Reach EU Standards: New Greek development agency project
9. Georgian Version of South Ossetia’s Borders Restored
10. video: Georgia and South Ossetia: propaganda war goes on

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11. Russia proposes meeting of Georgia-S Ossetia settlement mediators
12. Sanakoyev could attend JCC session as Georgian representative – diplomat
13. Moscow Offers JCC Co-Chairmen to Meet Ahead of Plenary Session
14. Russian Chief Negotiator Speaks of S. Ossetia
15. School of Ossetian Language and Literature Opens in Tbilisi
16. ‘Solidarity’ Sends Letter in Support of Dimitry Sanakoev to EU States
17. Theories Abound and Facts are Few in Wake of Latest Attempt on Abkhaz PM’s Life
18. Secessionist Authorities Comment on New State Minister
19. Kodori Gorge Shelling Good for Tbilisi, Russia Says
20. Open Society – Georgia Foundation Starts Trainings for Public Workers in Kodori Gorge
21. Saakashvili Explains Motives of Appointment of New State Minister
22. New Minister for a ‘New Approach’: Bakradze Replaces Antadze
23. Former State Minister welcomes decision on reshuffle
24. New State Minister for Conflicts Outlines Priorities
25. New HQ of the Ministry of Defence: Symbol of Renovated Georgia
26. Deputy Defense Minister – Mass Media Plays Significant Role in Public Awareness on NATO
27. video: Georgia sends more troops to Iraq
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28. More Troops Sent to Iraq
29. President awards Adjarian senior official
30. Labor Party gives last warning to Saakashvili
31. Electoral Legislation Still Favors Incumbent Party
32. MP unsatisfied with consulates
33. As Repatriation Draft Bill Passes, Documentary Portrays the Daily Lives – and Isolation – of Returned Meskhetians
34. 67 Journalists Signed Open Letter to President
35. Public Defender – Legislative Regulation of Media Activities is Mandatory to Avoid Juveniles’ Identification
36. An Exchange on Georgia [Maia Topuria]
37. Joint Project Targets Legislative Reform and Civil Servant Training
38. Arveladze: Such Large-Scale Road Project Never Performed in Georgia
39. National Entrance Exams Wrap Up without a Hitch
40. Students, lecturers slam rector’s decision
41. Zugdidi Branch of TSU to be (Re)Opened: Education Minister announces creation of 4-year Bachelor’s program
42. video: Georgian Yazidis: ancient religion looks to the future
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43. Power Station Sold for US$ 41 mln
44. Dwellers Forced Out from Homes
45. Cash Registers Are a No Sale, Say Bazroba Merchants
46. Poti Port Up For Lease
47. A Twinkling Town in Imereti (As Told to Me by Gia)
48. Treasures of the Gurian Songbook: Village folksinger enjoys a temporary spotlight while pondering his art’s future
49. Georgian Folk Festival Sponsored Entirely by Georgian Money: interview with Art Gene organizer Giorgi Baramidze
50. Lisa Batiashvili went from Tbilisi to the top

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