19 Jul 07 Caucasus Reporting Service 402

Special Report: Military Build-Up in the Caucasus

Georgia’s Big Military Spending Boost
Government says sharp rise in defence spending will professionalise army but questions are asked about why the money is being spent. By Koba Liklikadze in Tbilisi (CRS No. 402 19-Jul-07)
Armenia Concerned at Caucasus Arms Race
Could dissolution of CFE treaty herald outbreak of conflict in the Caucasus? By David Petrosian in Yerevan (CRS No. 402 19-Jul-07)
Azerbaijan Flexes Military Muscles
Calls for Baku to quit CFE treaty as it boosts defence spending. By Jasur Mamedov in Baku (CRS No. 402 19-Jul-07)

18 Jul 07 Caucasus Reporting Service 401

Karabakh Election Closely Fought
Observers say that official Karabakh Armenian candidate not assured of victory. By Ashot Beglarian in Stepanakert (CRS No. 401, 18-July-07)

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