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1. Russia’s Suspension of CFE Won’t Create New Arms Race in South Caucasus
2. Shevardnadze Optimistic about Sochi Olympics
3. Georgian, Ukrainian Presidents Discuss Relations
4. 2 Georgians die from accident in Ukraine
5. Iranian TV says hostages confessed
6. Iran airs documentary of detainee ‘confessions’ [excerpt]
7. Georgian, Armenian Foreign Minister Discuss Ties
8. Former rebel now Georgia’s man in South Ossetia
9. Pro-Georgian leader welcomes Tbilisi’s steps in breakaway South Ossetia
10. Sanakoev to cooperate with state commission
11. Status of South Ossetia to be discussed at conference in Kurta village
12. South Ossetian separatists invited to discuss status within Georgia
13. Conflicting Reports on Tskhinvali Water Supply
14. Monitoring group investigating water problems in Georgia’s breakaway region
15. Separatist ministry condemns Georgia’s “political games” in South Ossetia
16. Georgian speaker upbeat on plans for determining South Ossetia’s status
17. Georgian premier says government to work “every day” on South Ossetia’s status
18. Georgian minister slams peacekeepers’ statement on South Ossetia water problem
19. “Rightist opposition” refuses to partake in work of commission for definition of South Ossetian status
20. Merab Antadze: an issue of South Ossetia’s status must be resolved in a dignified way
21. Nachkebia Reckons That Establishment Of Commission On Determination Of Status Of South Ossetia Is Premature
22. Lukoil gas station opened in Didi Liakhvi valley
23. Abkhazia against Georgia’s proposal to open UN post in Upper Kodori Gorge
24. Georgian premier “surprised” at Russian reaction to UN report on Kodori attack
25. Matthew Bryza: Abkhaz leadership has no moral right to turn down Saakashvili’s proposal
26. Burjanadze: Moscow Behind Kodori Attack
27. Sokhumi Rejects UN Kodori Post
28. PM ‘Surprised’ at Russia’s Reaction to Kodori Attack Report
29. Secessionists prepare for trainings
30. Georgian president hails country’s economic progress
31. Georgian leader calls for “cautious but bold” approach to South Ossetia conflict
32. Saakashvili: State should Help Ethnic Minorities in Education
33. Nachkebia Names Opening Of Access Courses For Ethnic Minorities Deceit
34. Shota Malashkhia: world community advises Georgia to abstain from sharp actions regarding conflict regions
35. 10 Georgian NGOs Request President of Georgia to Veto Legislative Amendments
36. NGOs request president to put veto on amendments to law of courts
37. Young, Western-Educated Ministers Help Sustain Georgia’s Rose Revolution
38. PM, Education Minister sum up national exams
39. Opposition Fights for Electoral Reform
40. Ministry’s Crack Down on Fraudulent Claims Saves State GEL 15 Million
41. Defense Ministry’s Third Brigade Completes Iraq Deployments
42. Georgian Labor Party Pledges to Find New Jobs for Prostitutes
43. Conference On Biological Security Held In Georgia
44. Bendukidze Ate the “Minus”: Georgian Ministers Cut a Cake in Honor of Georgia Earning a “BB-” Rating
45. Georgia moves to BB international rating for economic development
46. Fitch Gives ‘Stable Outlook’ to Georgia
47. Academy of Sports relies on President’s veto
48. Sports academy to maintain autonomy within Ilia Chavchavadze University
49. TV Camp for South Caucasus Adolescents Launched in Batumi
50. The Good News About Bad Drivers: The intersection of traffic deaths and economic development
51. Ajara sea water examined laboratorially twice a week
52. People’s Bank Denies Selling Its Shares to Ukrainian Bank
53. No Railway Sale, Says Arveladze
54. The prices rise – the result of the monopolists’ uncontrolled activity
55. Conservator women to take initiative

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