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1. Deputy Defence Minister Doesn’t Think Russia’s Withdrawal from CFE Will Influence Russian Base Withdrawal
2. Georgian–Russian Tensions All an Act, Some Allege
3. Step back. Russia moves towards cold war
4. The aim of privatization was to create private property, and this has been achieved: Anatoly Chubais [excerpt]
5. Russia Tells Georgia Border Posts Have Nothing To Do With WTO Entry
6. No Intention to Close Azerbaijani Schools in Georgia: Ambassador
7. Court to Make Decision on Lawsuit of Ingiloits to Open Bridge on 17 July
8. Regional Railway Discussed in Baku
9. Azerbaijani Bakers Feeling Regional Pinch
10. Group Investigating Journalist Elmar Huseynov’s murder sent to Georgia
11. Turkey Georgia’s biggest commercial partner – Georgian minister
12. Dashnaks transfer Armenians from Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh, Russia, Syria and Iran in Javakhetia
13. Press statement on UN Kodori report
14. Georgian MP welcomes US response to Kodori bombing investigation report
15. Russia Slams Georgian, Western Interpretations Of UN’s Abkhazia Shelling Report
16. Kodori events of March 11 play into Georgian hands
17. Construction of Patriot Camp in Upper Abkhazia to be Checked
18. Chven Tviton’s leader slams Abkhaz separatists
19. Separatists launch trainings
20. Georgia protests at Russian peacekeepers’ “arbitrary” action on Abkhaz border
21. Price of Bread Rises in Abkhazia
22. Political Leaders Assess “Sorry Campaign”
23. South Ossetia Bans Georgian Medical Imports
24. South Ossetian, North Ossetian Leaders Meet in Vladikavkaz
25. South Ossetia Willing to Talk in Tbilisi, With Reservations
26. Free Medical Consultations Offered to South Ossetians
27. Wissol Opens New Petrol Station in Kurta
28. Minister of Agriculture arrives in conflict zone
29. Geo agriculture minister arrives at South Ossetia
30. South Ossetia Rejects Georgian Proposal To Hold Talks At OSCE Office In Tbilisi
31. Georgia Russian Peacekeepers Call For Immediate Talks On South Ossetia Conflict
32. Tbilisi is Trying to Play a Forestalling Game
33. Former Georgian foreign minister to stand for president in 2008
34. Parliamentary opposition offers dialogue to authorities regarding election systems
35. Average Georgian Not Focus of Spring Session
36. Chamber of Control Head Washes Hands of 2006 Report
37. Education Minister visited patriot camp
38. More and More Soldiers Are Killed In Georgian Army
39. Cooperative Archer 2007 continues
40. State Pardon Commission to discuss 184 cases
41. Convicted for assassination attempt against Eduard Shevardnadze may be pardoned
42. State clemency commission considers cases of Eduard Shevardnadze’s attackers
43. Professors of sports academy ask assistance to president
44. Journalists Appealed To President of Georgia with Open Letter
45. Cameraman for “Patruli” Was Detained
46. Newspaper “Imedi” Against Sagarejo District Governor
47. New Rights Oppose Introduction of Cash Registers in Markets
48. Kartuli Dasi’s leader meets traders
49. Jondi baghaturia meets varketili market vendors
50. Labor Ministry Finds 30 000 Fraudulent Pensioners
51. State Deceived Small Entrepreneurs: The law enacted for Adjara Region is not enjoyed by any enterprises in the area
52. Patrol policeman killed by shop, exchange point muggers
53. Policeman died during attack on supermarket in Tbilisi
54. Experimental apartment declared a successful alternative to orphanages
55. Teliani Valley to Present New Wine, Kakhetian №8
56. Georgian Border Guard Detained in Poti Port on Bribery Charges
57. Rakeen Development Interested in Poti Free Economic Zone
58. Meskhetians Want to Return, But Few Expected to Do So
59. 13 doctors to be deprived of licenses
60. About 10 houses flooded in Kakhati village
61. Aleksi Aleksishvili meets deputy director executive of US directorate of ADB
62. “12 Steps” For Drug Addict Prisoners
63. Batumi’s Likuchova Crowned Miss Georgia 2007
64. Students Renovate Georgian Churches and Monasteries

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