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1. Georgia says Russia’s suspension of CFE Treaty won’t affect it
2. A New Russian Approach to Georgia
3. Divide and Conquer: Washington and Moscow are once again vying for power.
4. Eduard Shevardnadze: Georgia is to blame for tense relations with Russia
5. Shevardnadze says Russia pact exit is step to Cold War
6. Bulgaria Emerges as a Friend of Georgia’s
7. Georgian-Bulgarian business forum outlines priorities for future cooperation
8. Georgian experts comment on NATO’s Cooperative Archer exercise
9. Outgoing French Envoy Speaks of Ties with Georgia
10. Ban warns of dangers in unilateral move by Kosovo [excerpt]
11. Recognition of Abkhazia and the so-called South Ossetia is not in Russia’s Interests
12. Tbilisi Banks Diplomatic Credit from Kodori Attack
13. Tbilisi Wants UN Post in Kodori
14. UNOMIG Report Casts Little Light on Nighttime Kodori Gorge Attack
15. Georgian MPs upbeat about UN report on Russia
16. ‘Accidental Shot’ Kills Soldier in Kodori
17. Moscow to invest more heavily in Abkhazia
18. Abkhaz PM Denies Alleging Tbilisi Behind Attempted Assassination
19. New Abkhaz TV Station to Set Up Shop in Gali
20. Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia holding military exercises
21. JCC Proposed for OSCE Tbilisi Office
22. Mine found at gas station in conflict zone
23. Another incident occurs in conflict zone
24. Georgian villages fired on in South Ossetia
25. Georgia committed to negotiated settlement with S Ossetia
26. The Die is Cast – Georgia Launches Repatriation of Meskhetians
27. Iraq Is Letting Georgia Produce Some Security
28. Ex-Soviet Georgia begins boosting Iraq contingent to 2,000
29. People dismissed from the “National Movement” are re-appointed to their positions
30. Opposition Teams Up to Change Election Rules
31. New Rights intend to participate in the elections independently
32. Five opposition parties sign memorandum
33. Ioseb Shatberashvili: We’ll participate in the elections separately
34. Parliament Considers Agreement Between Georgian Government and EIB
35. State Budget Sponsors Davit Kirkitadze’s Education in US
36. Three Versions of Guram Sharadze’s Political Assassination (the end)
37. Police Encouraged People to Attack Human Rights Center
38. Composers Appeal to the European Court against Georgian State
39. Lawyer for Free
40. Lawyers from Kutaisi Condemn the Prohibition of Photo-Video-Recording In The Court
41. “Special Show” in Kutaisi
42. Agency launches investigation
43. Heath Care Ministry reveals violations
44. Supreme Court Chairman Kote Kublashvili talks about court reforms
45. Sport Academy continues to rally
46. Protestors Form Human Chain to ‘Protect’ Sport Academy
47. Competition in banking sector heats up, thanks to home mortgage loan offers
48. Rustavi Metallurgical Plant to employ 6,000 people by end of 2009
49. Sale of Railway ‘Ruled Out’
50. Money counterfeiters arrested
51. Locals rally in Kakheti Region
52. Rising Flour Costs Prompt Worry of Higher Bread Prices
53. Income Tax Up to 25 Percent
54. More Money Transferred Into Georgia, Less Going Out in 2007
55. Russian TV Channel Makes Film about Adjara’s Tourism Potential
56. Teliani Valley to Sell Wine in Turkish Airport Duty Free Shops
57. Tender for reconstruction of Armenian section of Yerevan-Tbilisi railway prepared
58. Search for the world in one city: In a unique online quest, two men are hunting for a Londoner from every nation on the planet [excerpt]
59. New routes to help visitors discover unknown Tbilisi
60. short story: Maia in Yonkers

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