Russian “Peacekeepers” base.

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Russian “Peacekeepers” base near Eguri river.Are the Russian Peacekeepers in Georgia really Keeping Peace?

Today the Caucasus is the most dangerous and violent conflict area in Europe,
having more seats of armed conflicts than even the Balkans. Turkey and Iran
historically had and still have strong interests in Transcaucasus.
Georgia constitutes a distinct region with an ethnically very mixed population and the direct involvement of the major power – Russia.
Russian military penetration into the Caucasus started early in the 18 century and is still very strong in this region.


Georgian guerrillas warn Russian peacekeepers.
The same situation is in Abkhazia: The leaders of pro-Georgian guerrillas in break-away Abkhazia warned the Russian peacekeeping troops that if they continue to raid Georgian villages in Gali together with Abkhaz militia, assaults on the peacekeeper’s posts will become more frequent and bloody.
Prime-News and GEA, referring to sources close to the Georgian guerrillas, reported that the guerillas had operated mainly in Gali district but now have expanded their zone of activity to include Sukhumi, Ochamchira, Gulripshi and Tkvarcheli.
The guerrillas have become more professional and their armament improves, the sources said.
The guerrilla’s leaders claimed that their activity pushed the Abkhaz government accused Georgian authorities again of backing the guerrilla war in breakaway Abkhazia.
The Russian Foreign Ministry echoed those same charges in a sternly worded statement released in connection with the April 11 bloody clash between Georgian guerrillas and Russian peacekeepers in the village Saberio of Gali district. In those attack 10 Russian peacekeepers wounded and 5 Abkhaz soldiers were killed.
Moscow demanded that Tbilisi take tough and effective measures to curb terrorism in Abkhazia. “Eventually it becomes clear that the Georgian government is fully informed on those bandit groups who carry out terrorist acts in Abkhazia,” the statement said.

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Checkpoint near Enguri riverRussian soldier ( “Peacekeeper “) is checking the papers.


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