Georgia News Digest 07-16-07
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1. report: Conscientious Objection to Military Service: Georgia
Conscience and Peace Tax International, July 2007
report at

2. report: Javakheti after the Rose Revolution: Progress and Regress in the Pursuit of National Unity in Georgia
Hedvig Lohm
ECMI, April 2007
report at

3. thesis: Regime change and survival in the post-communist ‘gray zone’: The rise of Electoral Revolutions
4. Russo-Georgian Relations: The Dead Season
5. Russia Pulls Out of CFE Treaty
6. Ivanov Suited to Become Ambassador
7. Friendship Union suggests closing Soviet Occupation Museum
8. Georgia will be accepted into NATO with its full territorial integrity intact: Deputy Defence Minister, Batu Kutelia
9. NATO Conducts Air Training Program
10. Georgia Concerned with Contributing to International Security – Not Just Consuming it
11. Soso Baratashvili Delivers Irakli Batiashvili’s Address To Member States At OSCE Conference
12. Cambodia-flagged ship captain sentenced for Georgia border breach
13. Italian rescuers save Georgian sailors
14. French Ambassador’s Farewell to Georgia
15. Georgian, Azeri Defense Ministers Discuss Cooperation
16. Georgia to Open Modern Checkpoint at Border with Azerbaijan
17. Georgia Says Restoration Of Water Supplies Beyond Tskhinvali’s Interests
18. JCC accepts Georgian proposal of holding meeting in Tbilisi
19. Georgia representative not to attend JCC meeting
20. Tskhinvali May Agree on JCC in Tbilisi
21. South Ossetia to hold talks in Tbilisi if Georgia “guarantees security”
22. Commission to Work on S. Ossetia Status
23. Geo Authorities Launch Working On South Ossetian Status
24. Georgia forms commission to define South Ossetia’s status
25. Situation In Conflict Region Endangers Georgia, Entire Region – Foreign Ministry
26. The Kokoity Ultimatum: Will Tskhinvali’s Fading Strongman be replaced by Alexander Zasokhov?
27. De facto Government of South Ossetia to Strengthen Foreign Journalists’ Security
28. Separatist authorities in Georgian region detain holiday makers going to Ajaria
29. Yuri Popov arrived to Tskinvali
30. S Ossetia marks 15 anniversary of peacekeepers deployment
31. Wissol Oil Company constructs gas station in conflict zone
32. U.N. probe of Georgia attack does not assign blame
33. Georgian MPs upbeat about UN report on Russia
34. Checkpoint of Peacekeeping Forces Deployed at Anaklia Castle Changes Location
35. Russian peacekeepers leave ancient fortress in Georgian-Abkhaz conflict zone
36. Georgia wants Russian peacekeepers to completely leave ancient fortress
37. Office Of State Minister Demands Peacekeeping Forces To Act Within Mandate
38. Georgia accuses Russian peacekeepers of “irresponsible, unlawful actions”
39. Abkhazia’s links with Turkey supported at Bonn meeting – separatist official
40. Abkhazia Denies Involvement In Blast Near Border Reported By Georgian Media
41. Sokhumi Wants Maritime Link with Turkey
42. Georgian TV slams Abkhaz plans to “disseminate propaganda” in Gali District
43. Abkhazia has more reasons for independence than Kosovo – diplomat
44. Attack on PM Shakes Up Abkhazia Ahead of Moscow Talks
45. Russians Build New Hotel in Sokhumi
46. Georgia is a Tremendous Place to Work and to Live–Former US Defense Attache in Georgia
47. Contributes to the Global Security: Interview with the Chief of Joint Staff Col. Zaza Gogava
48. “Join the reserve, it’s cool”
49. Entrance Exams at the National Defence Academy
50. Another Political Row or Officials and MPs “In Need”?
51. Another Controversy between Opposition and Governing Party on Prohibition of Photo-Film-Video Shooting in Courts
52. Nino Burjanadze: Parliamentary Majority And Opposition Were Able To Resume A Dialogue
53. Conference of Republic Party disrupted
54. Member of Parliamentary Majority Accused Journalists of Ignoring Ethical Norms
55. Parliament To Hold Bureau Closing Meeting
56. New Chief of Adjara’s State Audit Agency Appointed
57. New Law Will Deprive Users of Illegal Drugs of a Number of Rights
58. Saakashvili Grants Few Prisoners Pardons
59. Parliament Restricts All Communication with Judges During Cases
60. NGOs to demand minister’s resignation
61. IDPs’ Minister rejects ‘allowance’
62. Georgian National Communications Commission Interested in “Caucasus Online” Monopoly on Georgian Market
63. Telecom Titans Clash Over Internet Market
64. School Principal Elections Show Tangible Results of Education Reform
65. 15 kindergartens to be closed in Kutaisi
66. Sports Academy Asks Support From Similar Educational Establishments Of World’s Various Countries
67. Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency on the Chopping Block
68. Kulevi Terminal Ready for Azerbaijani Oil by End of Summer
69. Georgia Leases Port in Poti for Free Economic Zone
70. Bus Fare Increase Brings New Jobs, New Scam Opportunities, and (hopefully) New Buses
71. Hard-Hit Commuters Bemoan Price Hike
72. Traders protest against cash registers’ installation
73. Small Businesses in Adjara and Guria are Doing Some Things
74. Monument Mania Subsides as Medea Statue Unveiled in Batumi
75. Georgian Hospitality and Georgian Xenophobia
76. “Art-Geni” at the Rukhi castle: Folklore festival held only few meters from Georgian-Abkhazian administrative border
77. Two Lights, Passing In The Night (or, what we did with roses before the revolution)
78. Giorgi Bokeria – Majority of Mass Media Intends to Mar Government
79. Tbilisi City Court Arrives At Favorable Decision To So-Called “Atstupnikebi”
80. Price Of Some Products Increased
81. Swimming Forbidden In Lisi Lake
82. New National Park for the Adjaran Rainforest: Interview with Dr Zurab Manvelidze
83. Georgian Animation Celebrates 75 Years

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