12 Jul 07 Caucasus Reporting Service 400

Upsurge of Fighting in Chechnya
Summer campaign by rebel fighters casts doubt on official claims that the war is over. By Umalt Dudayev in Grozny (CRS No. 400, 12-July-07)
Talysh of Azerbaijan Look South and North
Ethnic minority builds ties with Iran while declaring loyalty to government in Baku. By Idrak Abbasov in Lenkoran (CRS No. 400, 12-July-07)
Crowds Flock to Pagan-Christian Ossetian Shrine
Traditionalists deplore music and drinking at North Ossetia’s biggest festival. By Elizaveta Valieva in the Hetag Grove, North Ossetia (CRS No. 400 12-Jul-07)

Reporting Impact
Caucasus: June ‘07
Leading Georgian newspaper acclaims IWPR’s regional reporting, saying republished stories prompt regular feedback from readers. By Salla Nazarenko, Cross Caucasus Journalism Network Project leader

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