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1. Georgian diaspora in Russia says does not share separatist views
2. Georgia Hosts NATO-Led Exercises
3. “Cooperative Archer-2007” Unveiled At Alekseevka Military Base
4. Russia’s Attack On Georgia: The U.N. Report
5. All In White: The policy impact of the Sochi Olympics [excerpt]
6. Sochi Winter Olympics Could Impact Frozen Conflicts
7. Feasibility study of railway to be built in Georgia within BTK over
8. Russian State Agencies Buy Abkhaz Assets
9. Moscow Mayor Pledges Investments for Sokhumi
10. Georgia protests at Abkhazia-Moscow economic cooperation accord
11. Find Would Be Assassins or Go – Abkhaz Leader Tells Police
12. TV channel to be set up in Abkhaz district
13. Georgian deputy minister dissatisfied with Russian peacekeepers’ actions
14. Professor at the Tskhinvali University Is Persecuted Because of His Statements
15. Russia: No More Peacekeepers in South Ossetia
16. Tensions Escalate Over South Ossetia
17. “Justice and Liberty” Wants to Render Free Juridical Consultation to Military Servants through MoD Channel
18. Georgia Provides Troops for Iraq; Gets a Free Pass on Human Rights?
19. State Chancellery To Host Cabinet Session
20. Parliament Adopts Draft Law Of Strengthening Of Administration Of Alcohols Realization
21. Bill to Repatriate Meskhetians Given Final Approval
22. Parliament To Listen To Chairman Of Chamber Of Control
23. Lawmakers to hear Chamber of Control annual report
24. Authors Of Conception Of Water Resource Use Confront Economic Development Minister
25. Cabinet discusses economic, ecology issues
26. Rights Opposition slams Education ministry’s new proposal
27. Gocha Jojua: Leader of Forward Georgia is not dangerous to country
28. Regulatory agency to join ministry
29. Labors present letter to merchants
30. Women’s Faction to be established
31. Sarishvili Won’t Run for President
32. Public Opinion: Most Powerful Female Politician
33. Media Restrictions in Courts Approved with Final Reading
34. Ombudsman’s Report ‘Ignored’
35. Majority do not support the recommendations of Public Defender
36. Supporters of ‘Equality Institute’ have been questioned by Police
37. NGO members summoned to prosecutor’s office
38. Gocha Jojua Demands To Provide the President with Unbiased Information about Batiashvili
39. Shalva Shavgulidze: Supreme Court’s Six-Month Hearing Of Defendants In Girgvliani’s Murder Expires Today
40. Lawyer for Sandro Girgvliani’s Family Has Appealed to European Court
41. Three Versions of Political Assassination of Guram Sharadze
42. Sport Academy No More After 70 Years
43. 300 Employees Sacked From Batumi State University
44. 30% of Schools Remained Without Directors
45. Georgia’s foreign trade up 39% to $1.3 billion in January-May
46. Petrol Importers Deny Quality Problems
47. Most of Georgia’s Hotels in Local Hands
48. Zurab Noghaideli: Cement Producing In Georgia Will Amount To 2 Million Tons In A Year
49. Georgian scientists say population may decrease by 1/3 by 2050
50. 540 Chinese Came to Georgia in First Five Months of 2007
51. Opposition’s Protests of ‘PR Arrests’ Hypocritical
52. Tbilisi Supervision City Service vs Iveria TV
53. Travelling Sale Cards Work, Head Of Tbilisi Transport Service Says
54. Case Of Brucellosis Observed In Marneuli
55. Eight-year-old Child Is Seized of the House Inherited from Grandfather
56. Cement Kiln Dust-Unresolved Problem for Kaspi Population
57. One Dead, Three Injured in Gldani Bank Robbery
58. Financial Director of Car-Repair Plant Tried to Commit Suicide
59. Young man lost in Kakheti
60. Holland’s Honorary Citizen Committed Suicide

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