Grave of Misha Khergiani
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Chhumlian Khergiani was born March 23 1932 in Mestia. His father Vissarion climbed successfully in Caucasus, but the first steps in mountain climbing Chhumlian made under the guidance of his uncle Maxim Gvarliani. First accent of Khergiani the young was solo to Mt. Banguryan not far from Mestia. He was 13.

Later Chhumlian went to learn mount climbing to opposite side of Mane Caucasus Ridge in RUSSIA. From that time he became Misha Khergiani, because his name was too difficult for Russians.

After graduating of guide school Misha began to work as instructor in Russian alpine bases. At the same time he made accents for improving of his sports qualification. Soon he became strong leader of young Georgian alpine team.

The most important accents of Misha Khergiani:

1955 Mt.Communism (7495)
1956 Mt.Tyutyu Bashi, North Face
1957 Mt.Dongooz-Oroon (diretissima)
1962 Mt.Communism (7495)
1964 Mt.Ushba North, N-E wall
1967 Mt.Gran Caputsyn, E wall (Bonatti) Mt.Pti Dru, W wall Mt.Gran Joras (Valker)
1969 Mt. Torre Venecia Mt.Bancon

In 1960 Queen Elisabeth II rewarded to him the title of Par of England. Misha was very kind and resounding man so he took a part in every resquire action if he was there. Many years Misha Khergiani was a Champion of the Soviet Union in rock climbing. In Great Britain he was called «Rock Tiger».

On July 4 1969 Misha Khergiani fell down from the rock wall Su-Alto in Italian Dolomites on account of stone fall during his accent with Vyatscheslav Onischenko. Misha was born in mountains and he lived brightly all his short life in mountains. He died in mountains too.

The house which Misha has built in Mestia for his family is his memorial museum now.

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