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1. Olympic Games Possible Obstacle to Territorial Integrity
2. Putin and Saakashvili Believe Olympic Games in Sochi Will Strengthen Peace in Caucasus
3. Sochi’s Olympic Win Could be a Win for Georgia Too
4. Cooperative Archer military exercise begins in Georgia
5. Moldova Attends Multinational Air Training In Georgia
6. “It is everybody’s responsibility to keep Georgia on the agenda” – Ambassador David J. Smith
7. Geography// Triangle of Discord [excerpt]
8. Putin, Kokoity and Saakashvili Sexiest CIS Leaders
9. Bulgaria Pledges Support
10. Bulgarian Foreign Minister Visits Georgia
11. Visa Regime With Bulgaria To Be Simplified For Certain Category Of Geo Citizens
12. Bulgarian foreign minister visits Georgia, views economic cooperation
13. Four Georgian Citizens Detained in Odessa for Hostage Taking
14. Abkhazia and South Ossetia – Russia’s Never-Ending Game
15. Russian-Georgian Group Urges Peaceful Conflict Resolution
16. These Difficult Negotiations
17. Nino Burjanadze, OSCE Secretary General Discuss Geo Conflict Regions
18. Heads of breakaway republics to focus on situation in conflict zone at Moscow meeting
19. Abkhaz PM Survives Assassination Attempt
20. Abkhaz Separatist Leader Condemns Assassination Attempt On Premier
21. Attempt on Abkhaz premier’s life due to “black holes” in region – Georgia
22. $20,000 reward announced for information on attacker on Abkhaz premier
23. Abkhazian De Facto Authorities Don’t Speak Of Concrete Reasons Of Attack On Ankvab
24. Abkhaz Leader Cuts Short Moscow Visit Following Attempt On PM’s Life
25. Georgia denies involvement in conspiracy against Ankvab
26. Peacekeepers ‘Block’ Road to Upper Kodori – Tbilisi Claims
27. Georgia Condemns Russian Peacekeepers Over “Illegal” Checkpoint In Abkhazia
28. Abkhazia reinforces control on conditional border
29. Abkhaz Official Denies Deployment Of Cavalry Unit On Georgian Border
30. Moscow Mayor Pledges More Investment in Abkhazia
31. Sokhumi Condemns Detention of Vessel
32. Sokhumi Authorities Don’t Rule Out that Georgian Armed Groups Have Connection to Death of Two Residents of Gali
33. Press summary for Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia 03-09 July 2007
34. Georgian minister pledges return of “illegally” sold property in Abkhazia
35. Ossetian peacekeepers to set up checkpoint near Georgian positions – Chochiyev
36. JCC to Meet Without Georgian Side
37. Kokoity threatens with terrorist acts
38. Georgian MP Slams South Ossetian Separatist Leader’s Terror Threat
39. Mamuka Areshidze: Kokoiti’s Authorities Know That They Are In Complicated Situation
40. Friction Escalates In Georgia-South Ossetia Conflict Zone
41. Irrigation as a “gesture of food will”: Georgian-Ossetia accuse each other of “water” provocations
42. Ethnic Georgians to travel to breakaway region
43. National Exams Kick Off
44. Journalists Denied to Observe School Directors’ Elections
45. Pupils, staff, object to school optimization
46. Professional Education Programs in the Works
47. Minister Claims Democracy Comes to School
48. Students to undergo tactical, fire training
49. Another Flow Of Reservists Called Up
50. Mutual Understanding Memorandum Signed Between Chambers Of Trade And Commerce Of Georgia And Bulgaria
51. MP, Minister Faced with Medical Bills, Get State Money Through Chipashvili
52. Customs terminal lacks officers
53. 193, 000 Invalids To Get Aid Envisaged By Legislation
54. Railway Tariff Not Scheduled To Be Raised
55. Youth Movement of Conservative Party Demands Release of Political Prisoners
56. Representatives of Forward Georgia Hold Rally on Batiashvili’s Birthday
57. Traders Of Central Supermarket Pledge Authorities To Conduct Pepper Revolution
58. Who Are the Georgian Middle-Class?
59. Drop in Subutex Production Would be Felt in Georgia
60. Energo-Pro Finalizes Largest Energy Deal in Georgian History
61. “I have only a GEL 38 pension. How can I pay the fare?”
62. The EU banned the use of old airplanes for flights!
63. A Copper Pot for Democracy [excerpt]
64. A life set to music: 85-year-old ‘Botso’ Korisheli brought his love for music to children on the Central Coast in 1957
65. BAM to Present New York of Nina Ananiashvili’s State Ballet of Georgia

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