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1. Russia warns against Georgia, Ukraine joining NATO
2. Georgia to host NATO air exercise July 9-20
3. Georgia holds PPP air force exercises
4. Georgia’s Intensified Dialogue: Ten Months Later
5. Georgia Not To Exchange Main Principles For Good Relations With Russia – MP
6. Potential German-Russian Axis in Europe: A Threat to Georgia
7. EU Representatives Come to Batumi to Discuss Georgia’s ENP Activities
8. PACE considers normalisation of RF-Georgian ties important
9. CoE official meets MPs
10. Sochi Olympics Benefit Russian and Georgia
11. A Guatemalan presentation of European cowardice [excerpt]
12. Georgian foreign minister hopes Sochi Olympics to improve ties with Russia
13. Officials Use State Funds for Medical Treatment
14. Warfare Germs Let Loose
15. Much work still needs to be done to resolve so-called frozen conflicts: OSCE PA President
16. Russian Foreign Ministry slams double standards in settling frozen conflicts
17. Georgia against removal of territorial integrity issues from OSCE resolution
18. Georgia sells seized Ukrainian vessel at auction
19. Burjanadze Visits Ukraine
20. What did Saakashvili and Ban Ki Moon talk about?
21. Tskhinvali Rejects JCC in Tbilisi
22. Georgian side will not attend the meeting of Heads of Joint Control Commission to be held in Tskhinvali
23. Separatist official refuses to attend joint body meeting in Tbilisi
24. Georgia proposes joint meeting on South Ossetia in Tbilisi
25. Office of Georgian state minister makes statements on situation in South Ossetia
26. Russian Envoy Calls Georgian, Ossetian Sides To Dialogue
27. Sanakoyev Not Welcome, Says Russian Ambassador
28. Georgia European Body Pledges Support For South Osseti Economic Restoration
29. South Ossetian Separatists Refuse To Meet European Official – Georgian Agency
30. CE ready to help Georgia to settle conflict in South Ossetia
31. PACE President Visits Tskhinvali after Talks with Sanakoev
32. South Ossetia stages anti-Georgian rally during European official’s visit
33. Will There Be a War? You’ll never stand alone, Sokhumi and Vladikavkaz assure Kokoiti
34. Ossetia hit by fallout from Sochi Olympics decision
35. Villagers demand cleaning existed canal
36. Tbilisi Says S. Ossetia Water Shortage Problem Remains
37. Two civilians killed in Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia
38. Georgia detains ship sailing from Abkhazia
39. Georgia to target Russian cash in rebel regions
40. Georgia targets Russian firms operating in rebel Abkhazia
41. Abkhazia: Hopes Placed on the “Olympic Effect”
42. Airborne Intimidation: A missile attack on one of Russia’s pro-Western neighbors. Who could be responsible?
43. New TV Station Boosts Level of Abkhazian Media
44. Separatists from Abkhazia threaten medics
45. President of Abkhazia blames Georgia for escalating the conflict
46. Energo-Pro Finalizes Purchase of Energy Grids
47. Rare Virus Threatens Georgian Livestock
48. Saakashvili Hails Education Minister
49. Mikheil Saakashvili Threatens Health Ministry with Sanctions
50. Tbilisi to Become One of Greenest Cities of Europe – Saakashvili
51. State to Tackle Unemployment, Poor Service – Saakashvili Says
52. Georgian president says unemployment problem “paradoxical”
53. Bursting Bubbles Blown by the Opposition: Minister of Education and Science Speaks at the Government Hour
54. Opposition publishes Beso Jugheli’s and Gia Kheviashvili’s letters
55. Opposition presentaed the case details of Irakli Batiashvili to Rene Van Der Linden
56. Initiative of Republican Party
57. Kakheti District Prosecutor’s Office Wants Former MP to be Arrested
58. Opposition movement rally in municipal buses
59. Jondi Baghaturia: “Pensioners Don’t Have Money to Live!”
60. Paata Davitaia will send 11 Gel to Gia Kheviashvili monthly
61. Anti-drug campaign discussed at international conference
62. Protest action was held by Gurjaani population today
63. Route taxi drivers object to city assembly decision
64. Family demands punishment of killer
65. Policeman wounded in a brawl
66. Iran-Iraqi borders will be controlled by Georgian peacekeepers
67. Georgia’s Internet Monopoly: Caucasus Network’s ISP Stranglehold Draws Criticism from Consumers and Officials
68. The Georgian Stock Exchange: Yes, Virginia, there is one
69. Fifth Foreign Bank Set to Enter Georgian Market
70. Making it Easier to Pay Taxes (Oh Yeah!)
71. Batumi Journal: Boulevard of Dreams is Still Asleep
72. Farmers Bet on Berry Business
73. Agricultural College Helps Local Farmers Develop New Methods
74. Capacity Building for Government Officials to Combat Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants
75. Scientific-Technological Innovations Boosted by New Agreement
76. Georgia’s Young Nashas to Compete for Miss Georgia 2007
77. Homeless Animals on Georgian Streets: Drastic Conditions, Threats and the First Veterinary Care for Strays
78. Temo Japaridze: Diary of a Non-Conformist
79. Seminar Provided for Advertising Agents with Kvemo Kartli TV Companies

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