Soft Eject, the 6 piece, psychedelic folk-rock band from Tbilisi, Georgia, is made up of: George “Vaho” Babunashvili (bass), Nodar Manchkhashvili (drums), George “Giorgi” Kobakhidze (guitar and vocals), Alexander “Sandro” Nikoladze (flute and lyre), Emzar Burduli (French horn and vocals), and Anna Sikharulidze (accordion and keyboards). The band first performed at the Georgia rock festival in Batumi in 1990, and from 1992 to 1995, toured extensively throughout Germany. In 1995, Soft Eject shot their first video in Tiblisi for the single “Please Just Carry On,” and one year later opened their own recording studio, S.E.Studio. After honing their unique sound of rock, folk and classical music, Soft Eject performed at two major festivals in 2000, the Tbilisi Guitar Festival and the Train Festival. Nino Dalaqishvili produced the 2002 film Soft Eject–Wanderer. 2003 proved to be a fruitful year for the band, with their participation in the festival 20th Century in 20 Days, a 22-day tour of the United Kingdom, the release of their CD Caucasus Dances, and organizing and headlining the project “Vote For Your Future,” that toured throughout Georgia with other leading Georgian bands, and the “Help Your Country” concert broadcast across Georgia. Also in 2003, Soft Eject participated in the Rose Revolution, supporting the demonstrations despite the inclement weather and earning the nickname “Rain Musicians.” After touring in support of the president elections in Georgia, the band culminated the 2003 year with a massive concert on new Year’s Eve in the central square of Tiblisi. Soft Eject toured throughout Georgia in 2004, including a performance at the Georgian Folk Festival “ArtGeni,” and participated in the “Print On the Sea” music festival located on the Georgian seaside. Their discography includes: Nine mountains Away (2002); Wanderer (2001); Collection (1995); Now! (1995); Something New (1994); and Everybody (1993). For more information about Soft Eject, please visit their website:
Band Members
Vaho (George Babunashvili) – dedicated the state Medical University, he is the bassist and also a self-educated composer, guitar player and vocalist. He is one of the founding of Soft Eject. He also is a founder of NGO Modern Sound House (MSH) and Step Records Ltd record company. One of the authors of the long-term project “Restart”.
Nodar (Nodar Manchkhashvili) – Drums. He is another founder member of the band. Studied Physics at Tbilisi State University. Nodar is also a translator from English to Georgian. Over 30 books are published by Nodar’s translation on a variety of subjects. Nodar is founder of NGO Culture Plus Foundation.
Giorgi (George Kobakhidze) – A self-thought guitarist and vocalist. He joined Soft Eject in 1997. Giorgi is art manager of radio station “Ucnobi 98.0 FM”
Sandro (Alexander Nikoladze) – flute, lira. He joined The Softs in 1998. Sandro is graduate of the Tbilisi Conservatory. He is one of the led musicians in National Ballet Sukhishvili and performs in Moving Theater.
Emzar (Emzar Burduli) – French horn and vocals. A graduate of the Tbilisi Conservatory. Now performs with Tbilisi State Symphonic Orchestra: first French Horn, Tbilisi State Opera Theatre: first French Horn. Plays in Soft Eject from 1998.
Anna (Anna Sikharulidze) – Accordion and Keyboards. Anna is also a graduate of the Tbilisi Conservatory. She is project manager in Step Records Company. Joined Soft Eject in 2000.

September 17, 2005
This Georgian rock group merges folklore with Irish, European, and Asian melodies.
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