Empfehlung: Tutarchela aus Georgien spielt zweimal beim TFF Rudolstadt zum Folk-Festival

Tutarchela (GEO) FR 20:00 Theater / SA 17:00 Grosse Bühne Markt

Tutarchela ist der erste Frauen-Chor, der u.a. auch die Lieder singt, die traditionell nur den Männern vorbehalten waren. Der Chor wurde gegründet von Tamar Buadze in Rustavi. Ruth Olshan (
GEORGIA & SOUTH CAUCASUS: Ruth Olshan) hat sie eindrucksvoll in ihrem Film “Wie Luft zum Atmen” in Szene gesetzt.



Tutarchela – Young Girl Singing Company

The girls’ choir “Tutarchela” was established at the beginning of 2004 in Rustavi, under the guidance of Mrs. Tamar Buadze. The choir consists of 13 singers. Most of the girls have graduated from Tbilisi State conservatory’s choir-conducting department. The group performs European and classic songs, folk songs of different countries as well as the folk songs of all the regions of Georgia.
For the short time of existence of the choir it has learned and performed wide repertoire of various genres. As to a women’s choir, tutarchelas repertoire is standing out with its originality. They perform lots of Georgian folk songs which as a rule are sung only by the men. By the way, Tutarchela is the first Georgian choir which try to challenge the men singers. Choir’s low voices are absolutely tremendous and the listener would never imagine it is performed by the women. It can provide an indispensable sounding board for even the hardest pieces to perform. Notably, the repertoire of the young singing girls is mainly represented by the ‘manly’ songs, requiring a great deal of energy and emotion.
Very significant place in their repertoire is taken by lazic folk songs arranged by Mrs. Tamar Buadze. Lazeti once belonged to Georgia but at the moment it is Turkey`s territory. To collect forgotten, old songs from lazeti and transfer them into Georgian, traditional folk style was a conductor’s great experiment and had a tremendous success.
Ensemble has recorded a
CD just after 5 months of its foundation. There are 23 folk songs from all parts of Georgia.
As it was said earlier girls of Tutarchela perform a wide range of music. Not only works written by Georgian composers and Georgian folk songs, but also, motets, madrigals and music pieces of epoch of renaissance. They have also sung choirs of Mozart, Pergolezy and Brahms etc. Tutarchela has been participating in a number of cultural events in Georgia and abroad. The choir festival “Culturis Dgeebi 2004” held in May 2004, Tutarchela became a prize winner in 4 nominations:
• Best Ensemble;
• Best leader;
• Best performance of Georgian artworks;
• Best song arrangement.

In June 2004, Tutarchela participated in the Art Geni festival held at the Ethnographic Museum of Tbilisi. The television broadcasts of the festival made Tutarchela popular and loved throughout the country.
Tutarchela also took part in the Second International Symposium of Traditional Polyphony held on September 23-27, 2004 in Tbilisi , where the group diversely presented the Georgian singing folklore and gave an unforgettable impression on foreign guests of the festival.
Majority of the members can play Georgian folk instruments – panduri, chonguri, doli etc. The repertoire of the ensemble is rich and diverse in genres. The singers have abundant musical talents both in classic and folk spheres

tamar buadze (art manager, conductor)
jana kokaia
nato gagloeva
xatuna kasradze
tea chakvetadze
mariam arveladze
dali dabrundashvili
lela chincharadze
tamar mosieva
nino jeladze
nana shanidze
xatuna barbakadze
nino mamagulashvili


music (download): “Helesa” “Ele-mele kismeti” “Lushi birapa” “Khorumi” “Gilvelo” “Love won’t be” “Nanina” “Tsangala” “Alilo”

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