Georgia News Digest 07-02-07
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1. report: Georgia After The Rose Revolution: Geopolitical Predicament And Implications For U.S. Policy
Svante E. Cornell
Strategic Studies Institute, February 2007
report at

2. report: Foreign Military Bases in Eurasia
Zdzislaw Lachowski
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Policy Paper No. 18, June 2007
report at

3. Eye on Russia: Nashi youth movement
4. Tbilisi urges Russia to develop partnership relations with Georgia
5. Tbilisi-Moscow Charter Flights Planned for Summer
6. Millennium Challenge Corporation Holds A Public Outreach Meeting To Discuss The Way Forward [excerpts]
7. Meeting On Energy Security In The OSCE Region [excerpts]
8. UN Secretary General Pays Unexpected Visit To Georgia
9. Georgia’s Security Council chief begins visit to Iran
10. Azerbaijani Ambassador Visits Kasp Region of Georgia
11. Georgian frontier guards detained citizen of Armenia
12. Council of the Armenian public organizations of Samtskhe-Javakheti worries about the events around Russian bases
13. Fighting Begins in The South Caucasus N. of Iran
14. 3 Injured in S. Ossetia Shootout
15. Gunfire reported in South Ossetia-Georgia conflict zone
16. Rebels accuse Tbilisi of attack as tensions rise in Georgia
17. Several wounded as clashes continue in rebel Georgian region
18. Situation In South Ossetia Tense, Sides Accuse Each Other
19. Over 1,500 Russians demonstrate in support of South Ossetia
20. Georgians In South Ossetia Demand Resumption Of Water Supplies
21. Georgia plays down reports about military presence near S Ossetia
22. Georgia makes statement on S Ossetia after 3-day silence
23. Georgia Temporary Administration Head Urges Peacekeepers To Defuse Tension
24. Georgia’s FM urges Russia not to back South Ossetian separatists
25. Georgia Ready To Work With Russia Over South Ossetia
26. Chief Georgian peacekeeper describes South Ossetia’s statements as “untrue”
27. Tbilisi Condemns Lavrov-Kokoity Meeting
28. Tbilisi-backed leader of South Ossetia accuses Russian peacekeepers of inaction
29. South Ossetia Blames Georgia For Aggravating Situation
30. South Ossetian Separatists Expect Military Attack From Georgia
31. South Ossetia Wants Georgia’s “Illegal Actions” Restrained
32. South Ossetia accuses Georgia Foreign Ministry of disinformation
33. South Ossetian leader says Russia to talk to him, not pro-Georgian government
34. NATO’s Coming To Caucasus Complicates Situation – Georgia’s Separatist Leader
35. Separatist Minister Describes Situation In South Ossetian As “Critical”
36. North Ossetia indignant at Georgian actions – speaker
37. Russia FM calls for soonest resumption of talks in JCC
38. Russia condemns Georgia’s actions in S. Ossetia conflict zone
39. Recognized South Ossetia Joins Europe; Nonrecognized remains with Russia
40. Abkhazia may render aid to S. Ossetia in protecting its security – Bagapsh
41. Sokhumi, Tbilisi Agree on Talks in Quadripartite Format
42. Alleged Attempt On Abkhaz PM Is “Warning” From Russia – Georgian Experts
43. UN-Backed Peace Brokers In Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict Hold Fresh Talks
44. Abkhazia FM hails meeting of Group of Friends on Georgia

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