Soft Eject
Folk /Folk Rock / Psychedelic
from Tbilisi, Georgien
Über Soft Eject
Is 6 member band from Tbilisi, Georgia. Founded in 1989. The first performance at Batumi, Georgia rock festival 1990. The first radio performance 1990. The first TV performance 1992 1992-1995 SOFT EJECT worked in Germany. 1995 the band made their first music video Please Just Carry On in Tbilisi, and still appears on top Georgian musical TVs along with other videos of the band. 1996 SOFT EJECT established own S.E.Studio in Tbilisi. 1996-2000 – the band experimented with synthesizing rock, folk and classical music genres. Experimental music was successfully performed at the Tbilisi Guitar Festival 2000. Soft Eject performed number of solo and joint concerts throughout Georgia. 2000 SOFT EJECT participated in TRAIN FESTIVAL in Georgia. June of 2001 SOFT EJECT performed in The Central Philharmonic Hall in Tbilisi. The concert had a live TV and online broadcast. In 2002 the film Soft Eject Wanderer by Nino Dalaqishvili was released. In September 2002 Soft Eject visited the UK, participated in, the In The City festival in Manchester and performed on Georgian Night concert featuring 4 bands from Georgia. Afterwards the band performed in various clubs in Greater Manchester and Liverpool. 2003 The second trip to UK featuring 19 performances in 22 days. In 2003 the band worked on their new CD Caucasus Dances. 2003 September – the band organized and performed the public project called Vote For Your Future and intensively toured around Georgia with other leading bands of the country. November 2003 organized and participated in the concert Help Your Country in Tbilisi. The gig was broadcasted all over the country. 2003 During the Rose Revolution the band actively participated in the revolutionary movement, supporting the peaceful manifestations in Tbilisi in cold and rain days of Late November. As a result Soft Eject, along with few other performers, were nicknamed The Rain Musicians. 24 November 2003 – The band organized and participated in the concert held in front of the Parliament House of Georgia celebrating the anniversary of the Rose Revolution. 2003-2004 organized and participated in the tour supporting the newly elected President. Performed during the 2004 New Years Eve concert on the central square of Tbilisi. 2004 – Extensively toured across Georgia. May 2004 organized and participated in the concert at the Batumi Stadium with over 100 000 audience, which was broadcasted countrywide. 2004 participated in Georgian Folk Festival ArtGeni. 2005 Soft Eject participated intensively in various live TV and radio shows. 2005 August – Participated in Kvariati Summer Festival Print on the Sea, organized by company Step Records. 2005 September – Tbilisi Days In Kiev concert in Baboon Cafe with Green Room 2005 September Prelude Festival, Kennedy Center, Washington USA, Gig in Iota Club, Arlington VA. Discography: Nine mountains Away 2002 Night – 2002 Wanderer 2001 Collection – 1995 Now! 1995 Something New 1994 Everybody 1993 Bottom of Form
Vaho (George Babunashvili) Bass guitar, vocals, composer. Founding member of Soft Eject. He graduated from of the State Medical University. He is also a founder of the Modern Sound House (NGO MSH). And founder and General Director of the independent record label Step Records. Nodar (Nodar Manchkhashvili) Drums. Founding member of Soft Eject. Studied Physics at the Tbilisi State University. Nodar is also a translator from English to Georgian, as a result, over 60 books were published with his translation. He is also a founding member of Culture Plus Foundation. Giorgi (George Kobakhidze) Guitar, vocals. Joined Soft Eject in 1997. Giorgi is an art manager of radio station Ucnobi 98.0 FM Sandro (Alexander Nikoladze) flute, lira. Joined Soft Eject in 1998. Sandro is graduate of the Tbilisi Conservatory. He is one of the lead musicians in National Ballet Sukhishvili and performs in Moving Theater. Emzar (Emzar Burduli) French Horn and vocals. Joined Soft eject in 1998. A graduate of the Tbilisi Conservatory. Now performs with Tbilisi State Symphonic Orchestra: first French Horn, Tbilisi State Opera Theatre: first French Horn. Anna (Anna Sikharulidze) – Accordion and Keyboards. Joined Soft Eject in 2000. Anna is also a graduate of the Tbilisi Conservatory. A&R and office manager of independent record label Step Records.

Georgian and Irish folk

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