Video About Chechnya: “Crying Sun”
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Russia: Schools in Chechnya by Julia Vishnevetskaya
Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 @ 20:52 UTC
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Veronica Khokhlova

VIDEO: You can see what Chechen school in the mountain villagelooks like in this film:

Crying Sun: The Impact of War in the Mountains of Chechnya (English Full)
Memorial / WITNESS co-production 2007 26 Min. 5 Sek. – 15.05.2007

“Crying Sun” (Memorial/WITNESS co-production 2007) tells the story of people from the Chechen mountainous village of Zumsoy and their struggle to preserve cultural identity and traditions in the context of military raids and enforced disappearances by the federal army, attacks by guerilla fighters, and subsequent displacement. By helping to articulate the voices of Zumsoy villagers in the public and policy spheres, the video calls on local and federal authorities to end impunity for human rights violations and to restore policies for the return of mountain villagers to their ancestral homes. In the international advocacy fora, the video will help bring visibility to calls for justice in Chechnya.

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Grozny, Chechnya (Set)

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Grozny, Chechnya: A Russian special forces member surveys the wasteland that is now central Grozny. In this spot stood a hotel, government buildings and residential apartments. Russians forces destroyed the area, called Freedom Square, and later bulldozed it to avoid Chechen fighters taking up positions in the rubble of a second Stalingrad.

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