Chairman Manager: Dr. Giorgi Sanadiradze

Travel to Georgia
Tourist firm KAZBEGI TOURS arranges tours in Caucasus to observe and study endemic plant and animal species. Special interest tours could also be arranged (history, architecture, culture, art, etc.). All services are included for your convenience. Transportation, meals, professional guides, different accommodations, all could be tailored according to your demands.
KAZBEGI Mountain

Where to stay
Former stationary of the Institute of Botany, Georgian Academy of Sciences, newly renovated and fully autonomous, comfortable little hotel in the middle of the Caucasian mountains offers relaxing atmosphere and beautiful views down to the Khevi valley. Highly qualified guides and professional personnel guarantees safe and at the same time advanturous active holiday. Do not miss the chance to get in touch with wild and unspoiled nature. Climb the mountains up to the glaciers, visit local farm and enjoy freshly cooked local food and beverages, watch beautiful waterfalls and endemic plants and animals. Prices for meals, accommodation and guided tours are rather moderate for a very good quality.

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