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Night Life and modern TbilisiBy oto100 from London UK
By oto100 from London UK

I saw only one desperate review which says that most of the reviews here are written by Georgians, it made me really sad as the review slams all other reviews in here.I been there many times and as the person in one of the negative reviewer says night life in Tbilisi is not good, I guess he was so unhappy from Tbilisi being an ancient, unique city that he did not even looked for clubbing destinations.Tbilisi is well know for night life, as Djs fro all over the world are visiting since Ajara Music Hall made a revolution in 1999, and electronic music took over the dance Tbilisi has the most amazing night clubs i’ve been, and trust me i live in london and Ministry of sound is nothing compare to Night Office in Tbilisi, or AMH or Tunnel club.some Georgia’s clubbing events are also on with pictures and dj line ups, Just check out and then you will know, who gives a honest reviews on Georgia.also check out my fav, cbub’s web site and the you will see that nightlife is tbilisi’s one of the cultural and important parts.thank you very muchBTW I’m not Georgian, and live in London NOT in Tbilisi…

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