Three books on the Caucasus from St. Martin’s Press.
Robert Chenciner Daghestan: Tradition and Survival (1997; $49.95)
B. G. Hewitt, ed. The Abkhazians: A Handbook (1998; $45.00)
Peter Nasmyth Georgia: In the Mountains of Poetry (1998; $45.00)

reviewed by Kevin Tuite, Université de Montréal
to appear in the Annual of the Society for the Study of the Caucasus

The Caucasus, after a long exile on the peripheries of Western scholarly and public attention, is beginning to draw the interest it deserves. Much of the current focus on the region, to be sure, is the result of misfortune — war, ethnic conflicts, political instability — and may well diminish as circumstances improve. At the same time, a handful of foreign scholars and writers have taken a less ephemeral interest in the peoples and cultures of the Caucasus, and the fruits of their inquiries are beginning to appear in print: whence the three books under review, published by St. Martin’s Press in the last couple of years. All three volumes are handsomely bound, printed on thick paper, and contain numerous photographs. The similarities end there, however …

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