LINGUA HOUSE 91 37 85 in Tbilisi
Foreign Language Educational Centre Lingua House
25 Abashidze, 2nd floor, Vake, Tbilisi 0179
TELEPHONE: 91 37 85 in Tbilisi
Tel Mobile: 895 50 29 57 Georgian Tbilisi mobile phone network http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/linguahouse-tbilisi/TBILISI.html http://bryanadrian_writer.tripod.com/caravan-flier.html
Lingua House in Tbilisi’s Vake District [near Green Market]

nino —-> linguaho@hotmail.com or
bryan —> bryan00adr@yahoo.com

Lingua House in Vake, near Green Market, on 25 Abashidze, 2nd floor, currently seeks about a half dozen young ladies to work as unpaid interns with us as a receptionist/secretary. We require about 3 or 4 hours a day, as many days per week as you can volunteer, to answer the door, screen guests, and take phone messages for the school.
We will recommend you to future and prospective employers for having interned for us here at Lingua House, a cutting edge and modern international language training institution. This will look very good on your CV/resume and it will put you in excellent standing with foreign NGOs, European and American businesses, the American Chamber of Commerce, etc., in your job search. We also have a spare [extra] room in our rather large school which you could use with the other interns for personal projects, such as reading, relaxing, studying, taking notes, making phone calls [in quiet] on your mobile, etc. This extra room to be used freely by interns is also connected to a large outdoor balcony, which will be a genuine treat in the spring and summer months. [You may come any time the Lingua House is open to use this room and its facilities].
Call up Miss Nino today and arrange your interview! We look forward to speaking with and meeting all curious and interested candidates.

91 37 85

Lingua House can provide you with grammar at all levels, business writing too, compositions, creative writing, and filmscript writing tutorials. Native speakers, be they American or Canadian, natives teaching in their native tongue here at Lingua House, will cost you $10/hour [per hour per class] for your custom tailored lessons. 90 minute and 2-hour classes can be arranged also, calculated at this same pay rate. We have provided in the past highly trained professionals teaching in German, French, Spanish, Italian or Japanese, here at Lingua House. Lingua House also conducts iBT TOEFL internet-Based Test classes, GRE and SAT preparation for Reading Test sections; our monthly training rates for these classes are $115/month per person, two times a week for two hours each meeting. Also Cambridge International certificate preparation courses, namely: PET, FCE, ACE can be arranged. Call Nino now: 91 37 85

Standard lesson fees include: Individual one-to-one pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper- intermediate classes, alone with an LH [Lingua House] private tutor – 100 GEL per month for two times a week – in a class length of one hour (1:00) with a Georgian expert of a foreign language, or 120 GEL per month for the same times/hours with a native speaker. Group rates with a Georgian expert of a foreign language are 100 GEL/ month per student per group [120 GEL for a native speaker instructor] for twice weekly, with the added benefit of receiving one-hour-and- fifteen minute classes for groups consisting of more than two students (1:15 hrs each class length, rather than 1-hour).

Call Nino today at 91 37 85 to arrange your future lessons, by phone or through an in-person interview here at Lingua House [LH], 25 Abashidze, Vake, as soon as you can!

Please call Nino today: 91 37 85

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