What Not to Wear: Mtskheta
Joshua Kucera went last Saturday to Mtskheta, Georgia’s spiritual center, which is just a few miles north of Tbilisi. It used to be the capital of Georgia, and was the place where Christianity first became the state religion here. It’s quite a story. Georgians had worshipped a mix of Greek and Zoroastrian gods until the 4th century, when a Christian nun from what is today Turkey moved to Georgia and somehow got in with the queen, whom she cured of a mysterious disease. A few years later, in 337, the king followed his wife’s lead and converted to Christianity, making that the state religion. (Georgia was only the second country to do so, after Armenia.)

More text, great photos and some recommends on this fabulous travelblog:

Kucera in Mtskheta

Singers in the church of Jvari near Mtskheta

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