David Kakabadze, Self Portrait at the Mirror
by Bakar Matsaberidze

The Georgian artist David Kakabadze was born on 20 August, 1889 in the village Kukhi, Kutaisi Province. In 1901 entered the Kutaisi Gimnasium and was seriously interested in painting. In 1908 he started to learn painting with the painter Paevski.He embarched on his creative career in the first decade of the twentieth century. He evinced a strong interest in the Georigan national traditions. His other concern was the assimilation of the latest art trends then current in Western Europe.Kakabadze’s activities encompassed many kinds and genres of visual art: portraiture, still-life and landscape art, miniatures, murals, theatre and cinema settings. His work may be divided into several periods: those of St. Peterburg (1909-18), Tbilisi (1918-19), Paris (1919-27), and again Tbilisi (1927-52).During his Paris years, Kakabadze was in close touch with the latest movements in Western European art. His experiments were much along the same lines as those of Picasso, Dufy and Derain.

Photoset: The art of David Kakabadze (Set) by Bakar Matsaberidze


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