102 years old,
Lesley Blanch dies on the last Monday

She was world-known as writer, traveler and adventure-seeker. One of Ms. Blanchs well-known book is the “The Sabres of Paradise”, a life of Imam Shamyl, a 19th-century Muslim leader in the Caucasus who fought off Russian encroachment there …

More in the Lesley Blanch, an English writer and traveler best known

By MARGALIT FOX Published: May 11, 2007

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Lesley Blanch Obituaries News Telegraph Lesley Blanch, who died on Monday aged 102, was the author of The Wilder Shores of Love, an enduringly popular account of the romantic fulfilment that four 19th-century European women found in Arabia; but her most romanticised creation was Lesley Blanch herself.

Lesley Blanch Obituaries Guardian Unlimited Books Lesley Blanch, writer, adventurer, journalist and fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, has died aged 102, leaving us 11 highly coloured volumes of …

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