Literary Art-Cafe “Caravan” / Address: 10 Purtseladze Str, Tbilisi
Art-Cafe “Caravan”

From Mashrik to Maghrib

– On Sunday evenings I cancel everything to attend literature evenings

– I went there and almost lost my mind- It’s very refined. I haven’t returned home with such a pleasant feeling for very long time

– Sit as you wish, drink coffee, read marvelous books about arts, acquaint yourself with the world’s historical encyclopedia, enjoy the poetry of Himenes. What else could you wish for?

– How come you have never been there yet?

I heard lots of similar things about the place. And as it started to seem like my unfulfilled dream I decided to take measures. So one evening my friend and I went to the “Caravan”. We stood in front the place gazing at the old soviet “Zim” and Ford truck (it seems it has just returned from the desert) with big inscription “Bagrationi and Eniseli. 1888” fro half an hour. My friend helped me in to the “caravan” otherwise I would have stood there daydreaming for the rest of the day.

Well I didn’t lose my mind but was close to that.

Interior – interesting synthesis of oriental and western cultures

Walls of red brick with carpets, glass lightened niches with the images of famous writers and poets and shelves with modern Georgian and foreign publishers’ books.

Low glass tables and soft armchairs with lots of cushions. You can sit for hours, talk about literature, enjoy live music (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – Zura Khutsishvili Piano, and Lika Shubitidze, vocals). You can attend literature evenings every Sunday (14:00), enjoy tasty oriental and western cuisine, favorite dishes of famous writers (for example Dumas’s salad, Hemingway’s “sevich”), smoke a hookah and feel like all your dreams come true on such an evening.

From the main hall you enter the bar hall. From there you can see the white curtains. Just draw them and you’ll find yourself in a small, cozy room. Ideal for solitude. There are two such rooms in the “Caravan”.”Caravan” also has its own library and books which are rare, only one copy in Tbilisi.

To put it shortly “Caravan” offers literature evenings, meetings with various artists, ideal environment for exhibitions and presentations.

Summary: By all means I will return here.

Open: Everyday 11:00 – to the last guest

by Paata Vardanashvili

Photo: May 2, 2007 by Paata Vardanashvili

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