Pessimism in Georgian Photos

Sophie Sitwell and Maria Lanevski, owners of the photo studio, and professional photographers, who use their cameras as tools for creating photography equal to science were among the visitors at the exhibition-contest ‘Onto the Streets.’ “What I have noticed with the Georgian photographers is that their photos are very pessimistic,” said Sitwell who was among the jury that selected the best photos during the competition. “There was not enough optimism. The majority of the photos were focusing on the homeless, beggars and gypsies,” Sitwell told Georgia Today.
Photos that mirror the society we live in and the streets of London, dream city for many, will be displayed at Karvasla until March 25. In addition, on March 24, as a follow-up to the exhibition, the British Council has invited Rupert Gray, a leading London barrister specializing in copyright law and intellectual property rights, who will deliver a talk entitled: Privacy and censorship in Photography, an international perspective.
The exhibition will last until March 25.

Margaret Shakarashvili 23.03.2007

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