Aristocratic Family From Svaneti
Dadeshkeliani (დადეშქელიანი in Georgian) was an aristocratic family from the mountainous western Georgian province of Svaneti.
The family has been known to history since the 13th century. Victorious in internal struggle for power, they ruled the Principality of Svaneti from the 1750s to 1857. In 1833, they accepted Russian sovereignty, still enjoying, however, significant autonomy. The Russians intervened in a violent conflict between the two rival branches of the Dadeshkeliani family, and annexed the principality in 1857. Many of the Dadeshkeliani were deported to Siberia. Those who remained in Georgia were deprived of their princely privileges.
Princes of Svaneti
Otar the Great (the 1750-1780)
Mosostr (Tengiz) (1780-1800)
Tsiok (Mikheil) (1800-1841)
Tatarkhan (Nikoloz) (1841-1846)
Murzakan (Konstantine) (1846-1857)

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