An Important State for the Stability in the Caucasus
By Dr. Kamer Kasim
Wednesday , 07 February 2007

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia became an independent state, however, since its independence Georgia faced severe internal crisis and security problems, which were the great obstacle for the implementation of reforms and the success of the state-building process. Having border with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia and access to the Black Sea make Georgia important transit routes to the Europe and Central Asia. Internal conflicts and lack of stability prevented Georgia to utilize its location in the Caucasus and delayed the possible regional cooperation, which would be beneficial for all the countries in the region. Given the fact that Georgia has lack of natural resources and weak economic structure, it is very difficult for Georgia to exploit its geographical location without support from the regional powers and the United States. In fact, Georgia is the one of the biggest beneficiary of the US aid in the world. Georgia has received approximately $ 800 million aid from the US. Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands are also important donors for Georgia. To analyze the roots of Georgia’s continuing problems and its difficulty to solve them despite the financial and political support from the outside world; we need to look at Georgia’s frozen conflicts and Russian role in the region.

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