Batumi, a Palm Tree Under Snow

Added February 04, 2007 From nicolandru

This short film shows, on the rythms of orientalising Georgian music, a collection of pictures from Batumi in an exceptional moment: under snow. This subtropical harbour of the Black Sea coast in Georgia has one of the hotest climates in the region; nevertheless, the main principle of its climate is humidity. And when, rarely, it gets colder, the suptropical lush vegetation happens to be covered by white powder… Batumi, the capital of Adjara, an autonomous republic whithin Georgia which has the particularity to be traditionnaly inhabited by Georgian muslims, is a fascinating syncretic place: once an strategic russian city, it is now mainly Georgian orthodox and contains mosque, churches of many confessions, synagogue ; it is where west and east meet. The short-film try to show this mixture of influences in a strange snowy context, which strenghthens the weird aspect of this town. Sometimes with pathos, sometimes with humour.

By Nicolas Landru

more: Nicolas taked pictures from Batumi in snow

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