Litvinenko’s widow branded “liar”

The Kremlin has angrily branded Alexander Litvinenko’s widow Marina a “liar” following an interview she has given to Panorama.

More: BBC NEWS UK Litvinenko’s widow branded “liar”

BBC Links
Panorama: How to Poison a Spy Monday 22 January 8.30pm-9pm
Obituary: Alexander Litvinenko BBC News on the former spy’s passing
Litvinenko poisoning Watch news reports
“You may succeed in silencing me but that silence comes at a price” Read the statement Litvinenko made shortly before his death

External Links
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Litvinenko poisoners may have tried more than once
A documentary broadcast on the BBC on January 22 said the attempt to poison Litvinenko may have been made on October 16 when Litvinenko met two Russian contacts


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