foto8 – My Home Abkhazia
Photography and text by Thomas W. Morley

A stone’s throw from the Georgian parliamentary building, stand’s the hotel Iveria. Run-down and worn-out, its rapidly aging concrete walls once boasted the finest rooms in Tbilisi, not to mention the whole of Georgia. In its day, when this region was a part of the Soviet Union, it was nearly impossible to get a room without a booking unless you were someone of notoriety or notable wealth. >>

Source: foto8
Article: Georgia’s Other Refugee Crisis (Photographs and text by Nathan Martin, translation by David Makhatadze, March 2002 All photographs were made possible by the CauSIN project.)
Another article: INVESTIGATION : Tide turning for a political symbol, the Iveria hotel
(By Célia CHAUFFOUR and François GREMY in Tbilisi; Translated by Marie ANDERSON;

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