“Step Records” is a newly established company, from Tbilisi, Georgia. We have started operation from Mai 2005 and since then the company gained good reputation and implemented various projects. We are also specialized in presenting and promoting Georgian musicians and artists internationally through ensuring their participation in different festivals and other art-related events worldwide.

The company’s goal is to present Georgian contemporary art to Europe and United States. The company manages and organizes concerts for famous Georgian bands as well. These are “Soft Eject” and “Green Room”, “Movement Theater” and its own “Moving Band”. Also we work with other Georgian bands that are not signed in our company: “The Shin”, “The Young Georgian Lolitaz”, “String”, and “Green Mama”. We also execute Booking, Event Management, Sound Recording and Promotions in Georgia. Also it has exclusives for presenting and booking ten UK bands from Manchester in the entire south Caucasus region and Ukraine.

“Step Records”
Company is managing “Geo Records” recording studio. We are founders and co-owners of first independent music magazine O3 (Ozone).

Vaho (George) Babunashvili – General Director
+995 99 573658
Achiko Guledani – Art Director & A&R Manager
+995 99 986398
Misha Koridze – Executive Director
+995 99 108079
Anna Sikharulidze – A&R Manager
+995 93 200454

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